Troubador The Lewis and Jones Expedition

Released: 28/02/2018

ISBN: 9781788037594

eISBN: 9781788034906

Format: Paperback/eBook

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The Lewis and Jones Expedition


Have you ever dived into a mountain lake, in February?  You might ask “Why would I do that?”  - but you know in your heart that there is a friend of yours who wouldn’t be able to resist. “It just seemed like a good idea,” they’d say.


Have you ever been afraid of being chased by a gunboat?  It can happen in the Sacramento Delta not far from San Francisco!


Can you light a barbecue with diesel fuel?  Dave can!


What do you do if you run aground in your boat?  It’s all about saving face, particularly if you belong to the local Yacht Club.


Sailing presents its own challenges and for Dave and Christopher there can only be one outcome!


Did you know there are alternative uses for oven cleaner?


Want to discuss the viscosity of water?  There’s a bar called The Hitchin’ Post in Norwood, Colorado - maybe the answer is there.


Who hasn’t experienced an IWOT moment? Dave and Christopher lived for them.


Dave and Christopher were two thirty something divorcees in the 1980s whose friendship resulted in adventures across California and even extended to Colorado.  Their adventures invariably ended badly or, more often, embarrassingly - usually for Christopher.  Follow them on a ten year odyssey that took them through spontaneous purchases of boats to trucks, motorcycles and even furniture, none of which went smoothly.


Throughout it all, one thing can be guaranteed; neither of our heroes ever spilled a drink!


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Christopher Jones

Christopher Jones grew up in a small village in North Wales. He left grammar school at sixteen, entering into a five year apprenticeship at the local steelworks where he qualified as an electrician. He then transferred into the fledgling IT department and began a successful IT career. His career took him across Europe and to the USA, where he spent twenty years travelling the length and breadth of the country. He returned to the UK, married and became an instant family man with a teenage daughter. He continued his career for another twenty years before finally retiring. He lives in the North of England with his wife where he penned The Lewis and Jones Expedition, his first book.

Christopher Jones
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