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Released: 27/01/2017

eISBN: 9781783067527

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Tales of a Cruise Ship


Margaret Marsh offers us a glimpse into the secret world of the cruise ship with her stories of life on board as a medical officer’s wife. Life in close proximity to the passengers and crew is revealed with all its ups and downs in these humorous tales

In Tales of a Cruise Ship, Margaret takes us to parts of a cruise ship never normally seen by passengers, giving us a unique insight into the cruising life. Taken from Margaret’s onboard journals (kept while her husband was working as a medical officer) the book introduces us to the characters who live, work and holiday aboard.

Margaret goes behind the doors marked Crew Only to show us a whole different cruising life; from the stewards and stewardesses who make the beds, to the chefs and waiters who cook and serve the meals, to the engine room boys who keep the ship moving. Elsewhere we greet the entertainment staff as they plan events to keep everyone amused and visit the bridge to meet the captain and officers who take the ship to its next destination.

Meanwhile Margaret’s husband, the ‘Doc’, hovers somewhere in between the crew and passengers – his home on board is the medical centre where his patients are the officers, crew and passengers. As the Doc’s wife, Margaret was able to sit back and observe the onboard interactions. Tales of a Cruise Ship is part memoir, part travel book and should appeal to the many thousands of passengers who enjoy cruising holidays every year.

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" The author- with her very lucid style,her perception, her very wry sense of humour and ability to see the idiosyncracies and absurdities of people, has penned a book of short stories and anecdotes which is a delight to read."

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Margaret Marsh

I met my husband while I was a student nurse at the Bristol Hospital for Sick Children and he was a medical student. After graduating,we moved to Plymouth for several years. After that we moved to the Midlands,where after our three sons became school age,I retrained and became a teacher.

Ten years later, and now with three lovely sons, we moved to Chagford, a small town on the edge of Dartmoor where my husband joined a family medical practice and I continued my teaching career.

When I had time, I began writing short articles for magazines and joined creative writing classes to improve my skills.

Finally, retirement meant we could take longer holidays and we looked for affordable ways of doing this.

Tales of a Cruise Ship began in 1998 when my husband began working for Fred Olsen Cruise Lines as a Medical

officer. The short-term contracts were

organised on a regular basis throughout the year using a team of doctors, mainly General Practitioners. As a result I found myself packing our "cruise luggage" three or four times a year fragmenting our home life but introducing us to new adventures on any one of the four ships available. I kept a diary of each cruise, partly to record our travels and also to give myself something to do in the cabin on long days at sea.Being on board ship gave me a wonderful opportunity to see places in the world I would otherwise never have visited. I didn't work, of course so used the time to study for an MA in Creative Writng/English doing a lot of the work modules on board and fitting in the compulsory seminars when we returned to the UK.

We still manage to have an occasional holiday cruise, and also plan holidays to Australia with the aid of a home exchange website. With all that and our beloved motor home, we are still travelling,exploring new places and meeting new friends. Watch out for more "Tales of ?".

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