Troubador Showing My Hand

Released: 28/11/2016

ISBN: 9781785898518

Format: Paperback

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Showing My Hand


Having been fascinated by the paranormal since childhood, the author later became well known to many people during his forty odd years as a palmist and a tarot reader. What is not generally known, however, is that a difficult childhood eventually resulted in an emotional breakdown at the age of thirty three, from which he successfully recovered by embarking on a programme of self help.

Aged fifty, the author took the biggest gamble of his life when he, almost overnight, walked away from a soul destroying career in the City and a disastrous second marriage to start over again in west Wales. Literally making a moonlight flit, despite having little money, he 'left the whole rotten mess behind.' But life improved considerably when he became a smallholder in rural Pembrokeshire, living in a caravan, keeping sheep and poultry, attempting to evade debt collectors and enjoying something of a hippy existence.

While Showing My Hand is a frank account of a turbulent and colourful life, it is written with humour, aims to entertain the reader, and should appeal to all free spirits. A misery memoir it is not!

This is a "can't put it down" kind of a book. His sense of humour goes on right through the book. He had a cruel childhood and a very domineering mother which made him seek affection elsewhere. He pulled himself up to leave all his unhappiness behind him and made a good career for himself as a stockbroker. after a nervous breakdown (and who can wonder at that) he decided there was more to life and looked for a better life in deepest South Wales where he now lives a less hectic life with his third wife Mavis. Not a copy of Far from the Madding Crowd,but a good read.You will not put this book down until you have finished it and if you lend it on to your friends, make sure you put your name in it or you may never get it back again. Eric

by Eric Firth

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