Troubador Running into Myself

Released: 05/04/2010

ISBN: 9781848763739

Format: Paperback

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Running into Myself

A Journey through the Soul of the Feat


While celebrating her 26th birthday, Thea listens on as her thirty-something friends discuss their lives. Their conversation leads her to realise she’s been drifting through life and hasn’t grown up. In addition, she can’t tell where she ends and her mother begins. The realisation gradually takes its toll and several months later, she’s diagnosed with depression. Refusing medication, she leaves her soul-constricting job and pursues a more meaningful path.

Along the way she discovers spirituality – in particular, Japanese Energy healing – but with a fragile sense of Self, lacks the confidence and belief required to cross the threshold to a new life. Instead, she unquestioningly accepts others’ views on life and slides back into a mundane existence.

Three years later a terrifying nightmare provides another wake-up call. This time with no game plan, she sells her house, leaves her 9-5 job and embarks on a relationship that takes her to Santa Fe (US). Once there, she encounters several mentors who introduce her to Jungian psychology, Greek mythology, BodySoul work, fairytales, folk tales and alchemical symbolism.

Soon after, overweight and unable to run more than a few metres at a time, she impulsively signs up for three marathons – New York, Rome and Athens – with the first only months away.

What unfolds over the next eighteen months is an inspiring rite of passage into conscious womanhood: an unintentional pilgrimage healing old wounds, and a revelatory experience with her deep Self.

The book is a personal narrative accompanied by examinations of myth and depth psychology, in which life illuminates ancient tales and archetypes find form in modern experience.

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Thea Euryphaessa

Thea Euryphaessa (pronounced, 'thee-a yuri-feesa’) has been an avid student of the psyche for twenty-five years. Specialising in personal transformation, she weaves together depth psychology, dreams, alchemical symbolism, and myth into a compelling style that is uniquely her own.

Witty, spirited, and down-to-earth, Thea has a canny ability of making complex, abstract subjects relevant, interesting, and accessible for layfolk. This approach has made her popular with those who yearn for an expanded vision of themselves, a deepened sense of identity, and an enriching life imbued with soul.

Thea is also the author of two memoirs, Running into Myself: A Journey through the Soul of the Feat and its follow-up Growing into MySelf which chart her personal journey over a ten-year period. The final book in her memoir trilogy is currently in the works.

Thea Euryphaessa

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