Troubador Noel’s Story

Released: 27/11/2020

eISBN: 9781800468399

Format: eBook

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Noel’s Story

A Man of Zimbabwe


Noel Feldman was born in 1947 in Rhodesia. A mixed-race child classified as ‘Coloured’ in the lexicon of the day. Born to a violent home and abandoned in a Bulawayo Orphanage as a new-born to be brought up by Catholic nuns. Not knowing his mother, his father or any family. Belonging nowhere. A boy alone.

His is an incredible story of courage and fortitude. A bare-knuckle story of a troubled life that would have destroyed most. A mother lost – then found – and lost again. A father – never found and never looked for.

A life of optimism and gratitude for being alive. A life not defined by a tragic start but a life to give us heart. And you can meet him, every day, at the famous Froggy Farm kiosk in beautiful Juliasdale, Zimbabwe, where he now lives and laughs and will bring something to your life as you buy your blueberries from him. If you are lucky and he is in the mood, he might give you his famous Ian Smith impersonation!

One of the multitude who make their way through an unforgiving world – one of the voiceless. Until now.

Brilliant heartfelt story

by Andre Holmes

Kathy Mansfield

I write short stories, usually, but not always, located in African countries where I have worked. My stories are usually about ordinary people caught up in in extraordinary circumstances. I do not write about African cliches of war, famine and corruption. There is plenty of all of those things well scattered across all continents.

I run creative writing groups on Zoom and face to face. I've run workshops in Milton Keynes, Barbados and Zimbabwe. Recently I've been mentoring a group of young Zimbabwean writers who are putting together a collection around the theme of child marriage in Zimbabwe. Two of my own stories about land have been adapted into plays by the Zimbabwe Theatre Academy.

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