Troubador Memorable Moments and Near Death Experiences

Released: 28/07/2018

eISBN: 9781789011043

Format: eBook

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Memorable Moments and Near Death Experiences


An interactive book in which readers can write and reflect upon their own memories. 
Features engaging content and a vivid mixture of memorable moments from the author. 

John Laker has written a book containing many of the memorable moments he has experienced in his life. The book includes sections on favourite music and songs, food and drink, even road traffic accidents, all of which can transport you back to a particular time or place. 

The book features poems learnt at school, holidays which were eventful and memorable and embarrassing moments which we all have experienced at some point in our lives. Readers are encouraged to write their memorable moments on blank pages, which follow each mini-chapter. Readers can also submit their contributions to the author for possible use in a second book, which will contain the best memorable moments received. 

It is intended that a National Charity will benefit from sales of this book through a 50% donation of any net profits and that any follow up books will benefit the same National Charity through a 100% donation of net profits. 

Happy, uplifting, hilarious and at times cathartic, this book will have wide appeal to those who enjoy reflecting on memorable moments.

Both the paperback and the eBook should be available by the 1st of August.

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John Laker

John Laker is a retired Company Director, a keen amateur Archaeologist, a long-term Lepidopterist, a dedicated Environmentalist and an active supporter of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution.

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