Troubador My Collected Thoughts

Released: 28/02/2018

ISBN: 9781788037600

Format: Hardback

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My Collected Thoughts


'My Collected Thoughts' is an autobiography, detailing how religion impacted on the author's life and reflections on those religious experiences. It also contains explorations of the religious ideas which were important to the author, particularly between 1981 and 2011, when most of the thoughts were written. 

This book will engage anyone interested in another person's religious journey, and there are indications of downs as well as ups. It will also engage those who have a general interest in religious ideas. It is the hope of the author that the book will be of help to anyone on a religious journey, which of course is all of us, and, in particular, help people to see the place which prayer can have in discovering the higher power. 

It was found by the author that a cry for help evoked a response from God, although it is true that this was preceded by many years searching and devotion in his quiet time. 'My Collected Thoughts' will provide a companion book for 'Prayers for Daily Life'.

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