Troubador Mutable Passions

Released: 28/02/2016

ISBN: 9781785890932

eISBN: 9781785893919

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Mutable Passions

Charlotte Brontë: A disquieting Affair


Life in mid-nineteenth century England was challenging. It was brutal, and Charlotte Brontë suffered perhaps more than her contemporaries. Mutable Passions takes up her story after the deaths of all her siblings. Troubled frequently by sleepless nights, ill health and loneliness, writing novels provided her only solace, but writing was not the same without the companionship and insights of her sisters. After completing Villette, Charlotte’s life was empty and the future appeared bleak; and she travelled extensively to help alleviate the loneliness. But then from an unexpected direction, hope arrived by way of her father’s curate. Arthur Bell Nicholls proposed to her. Patrick Brontë, though, and perhaps with sound reason, was incensed and disapproved vociferously of such a union. Charlotte fought hard to convince him of the worthiness of the man she had grown to love, and once her mind was made up, she wold not be deterred. Mutable Passions seizes upon what might be perceived an unexciting relationship between two ageing and pious lovers. From the biographical material, a perceptive, if personal and imaginative, account of events leading to an improbable marriage is constructed. A marriage that was short-lived, but brought happiness to Charlotte Brontë’s final months. Additionally, Mutable Passions brings life to the minor characters of whom little is detailed, but who were fundamental to Charlotte’s life.

is my second novel and is now out as an ebook on Amazon.

My novel explores Charlotte Bronte's love affair, and portrays her removed from the dowdy spinster she exists in the minds of many. shows a passionate, and indeed a compassionate side to Charlotte's nature in an age when women were expected to adhere to the strict, pious conventions of Victorianism. My book challenges this, showing her as a feisty woman with a wicked sense of humour, able to stand her ground with the best of men.

In the aftermath of the deaths of her siblings, Charlotte was lonely; she was troubled frequently by ill health, while struggling to finish her novel . In order to help alleviate her loneliness she visited friends whenever she could, and travelled to her publishers in London. Nothing, though, could compensate for the loss of her sisters. Then Arthur Nicholls, Patrick Bronte's curate, proposed marriage. A new beginning beckoned, but her father's opposition was both unexpected and vociferous. He was furious that the 'lowly' curate should have the audacity to attempt to enhance his position in marrying his now famous daughter. Mr Bronte forbade such a union, which awakened strong emotions.

Could romance flourish amid such hostile opposition, amid bigotry and prejudice. Download a copy of and discover for yourself.

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Philip Dent

Born in Yorkshire in 1951, where I have lived most of my life, I left school in 1966 without academic qualifications. Finding employment in a variety of jobs, including farming and factory work. Then in 1997, with the encouragement of family and valued friends, I took time out and enrolled on a degree course in English at De Montfort University in Leicester. A desire to write developed, as did an appetite for study, and I completed a Masters Degree, again in English, this time at the University of Leicester.

After graduating, three productive, if unprofitable years were spent writing, which included completing a first draft of my novel and a screenplay of Charlotte Brontë's own love affair. Then I took a job in a supermarket in order to replenish my depleted finances: the tyranny there was tempered only by the antics, humour and friendliness of valued colleagues. But the work was only ever intended as temporary, and the necessary period of enslavement ended last autumn - August 2014. By then I felt sufficiently solvent and was able to put an end to the cruel inconveniences that hamper creativity. Taking the screenplay that I had drafted some years earlier, I began converting it into a work of prose. That task is now complete and resulted in

I remain single: the wealthy widow has so far failed to appear, which has left the responsibility of continuing the family gene line to my siblings, three sisters and a brother. Their offspring in turn, my nephews and nieces, and their judiciously selected partners are already busy delivering and raising a burgeoning new generation.

All are supportive of my literary aspirations and encourage me in their own way; some perhaps, from expectations of one day reaping pecuniary rewards. They are who they are, my family, and I have no wish to swap any.

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