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Released: 28/04/2014

ISBN: 9781783060108

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Moving On

From the Memoirs of the Late Sir Rupert Grayson


Sir Rupert Grayson died in 1991 still looking forward, though in his 94 years he had experienced more incidents than imaginable. Born into the wealthy Liverpool shipbuilding family of Sir?Henry Grayson, Rupert, leaving Harrow, joined the Irish Guards and was wounded in WWI by the shell that killed Rudyard Kipling’s son, John. He married twice, but only for a brief period of time. He roamed the world as a seafarer, author, talent scout, king’s messenger, eccentric, romantic, epicure, wit, and friend of the colourful, gifted and famous. He wrote 16 thriller novels, was made a Knight of the Holy Sepulchre by the Pope, and dodged death from a drugged-up army officer on the Moscow-Leningrad Express. He jumped ship as a seaman in New York, suspected of murdering the captain, travelled the world carrying secret documents to British embassies, and encountered the traitor-spy Kim Philby. He devised a cocktail with Scott Fitzgerald in Paris one boozy night, and discovered verses by Noel Coward in a remote guest house in Peru. His life, oiled by charm, threads through a string of enchanting interludes. He claimed to have dedicated himself ‘unselfishly and wholeheartedly to extracting as much pleasure from life as it has to offer’ – a pleasure to be shared. Moving On is the story of his life, written by Australian journalist and widely travelled Bob Scholfield. He met Sir Rupert Grayson when they were both living in Spain, and he completed Rupert’s story in the last year of his life. Sir Rupert Grayson’s unique and amusing life experiences and adventures are told in the visual style of a film. Moving On will appeal to fans of biographies.


I was given this book as a present and, as it was not my usual choice of book, I wasn't sure quite what to expect. I was delighted to discover that It was absolutely fascinating and full of surprises. It is quite different from anything else I have ever read in as much as it is written in the style of a film and seems like fiction but, as it turns out, is absolutely true and all based on real life events in the 20th century. What a remarkable life! Scholfield has a real ability to paint pictures with his words. I highly recommend it.

Not only did I really enjoy reading this book, it has solved at least half my Christmas present list. At least half my friends and family are going to get one for Christmas this year.

by Lynda

What a fascinating book. What a fascinating life. A very good biography, written almost like a film script, yet lyrical too (e.g. 'I had wandered one day earlier that summer, scorched by the noonday sun, heat -haze quivering over the motionless dust...') Thoroughly recommended.

by Percy D

I have never read a screenplay before but this is worth sampling. I concentrated on following the Voice (narrator) and the quality of the prose is outstanding. The story is engaging and altogether enjoyable. It should be filmed. Give it a go.

by Dr Aileen A Hopkins

5/5 stars

Sir Rupert Grayson's life reads like one of the sixteen thrillers that he wrote: he carried secret documents for British embassies, narrowly avoided being killed on the Moscow-Leningrad Express, met Kim Philby and drank with Scott Fitzgerald. The book is written as a film script but the quality of writing is poetic and lyrical. The late Bob Scholfield was a fine journalist and a talented writer. Recommended.

by Alex Wolf

5/5 Stars

Until I read this book, I always thought my own life had been eventful but it pales in comparison with the life of Sir Rupert Grayson told to us by Bob Schofield in the form of a film script. The foreword, written by Helen Schofield, explains why, and when you begin to grasp the colourful, action packed life of Sir Rupert, it becomes obvious that this is a good format.

The opening begins with a continental departure platform in London in 1909 with fog swirling around the gas lamps. A tall man and a boy stand by the door of a first class carriage of the Paris boat train. What a start to a story! Already I knew I was going to sink into this and find it difficult to surface from this other world.

At first, I wondered if the book, written as a film script would be difficult to read but it turns out that it was quite easy – there was no need for such tags as “Sir Henry said”. I have never seen a film script before and it is absolutely fascinating. Before my reading eyes, characters came to life in evocative settings. Oddly, it seemed easy for me to walk in and watch.

Bob Schofield’s writing is brilliant – yes, shining. Somebody lent me this book and I might find it difficult to give back because each scene is captivating and, if ever a book deserves to be reread and absorbed slowly, this is it. I hope they make it into a film.

by Hullaballoo

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