Troubador Military Commanders of WW2

Released: 28/09/2018

ISBN: 9781788032919

eISBN: 9781789012590

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Military Commanders of WW2

a concise outline


Jack J. Kanski presents concise, illustrated books exploring the roles of the key personalities during the Second World War and their contributions in the conflict.  

Following on from the first five books in his A Concise Outline series, Kanski now offers readers information pertaining to the influential individuals from Great Britain, the USA and the Soviet Union, amongst others. In Military Commanders of WW2 readers will learn about their background and the role that they played on the battlefield. 

These books are designed as companion texts and when read together will give readers a good understanding of the important people and their contributions. Written in a reader-friendly bullet-point format accompanied by many colour images, Kanski’s latest book will act as a stepping stone for the general reader interested in World War Two.

This book is exactly what's promised on the cover. If you're looking for a handy guide to the head honchos in charge of the armies/navies/air forces that fought in WWII, for all sides, this book is perfect. There is not a lot of extraneous information, save for some nicknames, about the people profiled.

This is a book I'd like to seek out in hard copy to add to my history shelf.

by Evan Sloazankowski

This book gives you exactly what it says on the cover and back page - a concise outline of the Military Commanders of World War II. It covers Army, Navy and Air Force across Great Britain, British Commonwealth, USA, Soviet Union, Poland, Free France, Netherlands, Yugoslavia, Greece, China, Germany, Italy, Vichy France, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Finland, Croatia and Japan.

The book is written in bullet-point fashion which makes it easy to read and gives you the important information you could want about each Military Commander. The photographs included are also extremely useful if you like to be able to see what people look like as you're reading about them.

Overall a very interesting book which would be a useful companion for anyone studying, or wanting to know more about WWII.

by Michelle Whitham

Having enjoyed the other books in this series by Jack J. Kanski, I thought it was worth giving this one a read too. As always, it covers a plethora of different WWII Military Commanders in sufficient detail but still remains concise and compact. This is the ideal starting point for those looking for a general overview of said commanders that will allow the reader to pick out the figures they may be interested in learning more about and searching for a book on those particular men. Kanski manages to present much information but without overwhelming the reader with a huge information dump!

What I love most about these books is how accessible they are both in terms of structure e.g. the way everything is set out in an easy to read format or bullet points and the information provided. Once again, I thoroughly recommend this as a starting point to anyone wishing to uncover some of the key figures from WWII from all over the world. If anything more in-depth or detailed is required this helps you to pinpoint those individuals who most interest you. One of the aspects of these books that I find really appealing is that that they make often dry and tedious topics seem fresh and interesting and will be appreciated by those into the history genre. The accompanying photographs complement the text well too.

by Lou (Readers Retreat)

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