Troubador Kick Start The Broomstick

Released: 01/02/2012

ISBN: 9781780880549

Format: Paperback

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Kick Start The Broomstick


Kick Start The Broomstick is a unique book which takes an intimate look at the lives of a family of modern day white witches from the Romany Gypsy tradition.

This is a magical story of how the stength of one extremely spiritually gifted family has overcome some of life’s most devastating obstacles – yet through divine intervention and a ‘little bit of witchcraft’ are here to share their true life experiences, which will make you laugh, cry and most importantly will inspire you.

Above all it will simply leave you loving your life, everything and everyone you have in your life and leave you with a new sense of appreciation to the powers beyond our control.

All you need to do is believe.

Kick Start the Broomstick will take you to a place where wishes, dreams and predictions really do come true and will appeal to readers with an interest in mind, body, spirit, esoterica, modern day witchcraft, history and white magic.

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Congratulations! I would love to read it, but "out of stock" is a great testimonial. Knowing you as I do, I'm sure that you poured your entire being into the book and I'm equally sure that it is a work that reaches even the largest (you know me) skeptics.

Congratulations again and I look forward to reading when it again becomes available.


by Kirk Benning

''Angie, what a fantastic book, I laughed and I have to admit to a little moisture from my eyes, haha! The characters are all brilliant and the way its written is just like talking to you, and it made me see just how much you really do understand one of my major issues!!! The entire book is a case of the truth being stranger and far more entertaining than fiction!!!! Any one reading this post please for your own sake and a little bit of what is with out a doubt magic buy the book put the kettle on and enjoy one of the most heart wrenching awe inspiring stories ever printed! Thank you so much for sharing this Angie!xxxx''

by Moira Green

'Just want you to know I have just finished your book, its amazing and even though I don't know you that well you are inspiration to women and I'm really honored to have met you. Whoever reads this will look deep within and hopefully realize things do always work out for the best in the end. Can't wait for Book 2!!

by Sue

Just finished Kick Start the Broomstick, I could not put it down! Really enjoyed reading it. Made me feel all spectrums of emotion and laughed out loud at parts! Was such an inspiring and thought provoking story, thank you for sharing it with us all. And oh my gosh what an ending too! :-o I hope there is going to be a second book! :-)

by Hannah Bowden

I have to say what a FANTASTIC read....makes you want to keep reading on and on!! It has a secret ingredient that a lot of authors miss out>>>>>> Lifes experience. Enjoy :)

by Charlotte

Thank you for my reading the other day I really needed it :) I have finished your book already and loved it! I could not put it down, can't wait for book number 2 :) xxx

by Rhiannon Bryant

Just want to say, the book was amazing, Liz fought to read it first, and then I got the chance, we both read it within 48 hours, you should be very proud of yourself xxx

by Nicola Perring-Day

Hey ange I have read your book already, my day off work so thought id read it now while I got the time. It was really good; very inspiring and emotional. I have been practicing my tarot cards and getting better and better at it reading friends and family. You inspired me to do it so thank you. I look forward to your next book. When will that be? Well done for you hard work x

by Johanna Evans

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