Troubador John Brown: The Forgotten Chess Composer?

Released: 01/09/2011

eISBN: 9781848768543

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John Brown: The Forgotten Chess Composer?

50 chess problems by John Brown


John Brown: The Forgotten Chess Composer? reintroduces a classic chess title to a whole new readership. Chess Strategy was originally published in 1865, and now Brian Gosling investigates the life and work of it’s author, John Brown, selecting 50 of his chess problems to inspire a new generation of chess players. John Brown: The Forgotten Chess Composer? is not only a gentle introduction into the art of problem solving in chess, but is also a fascinating glimpse into the life and work of an outstanding chess problem composer – in an age before computers. His problems were simple, elegant and accurate and players of all abilities will have much to learn from the chess problems he created, 50 of which have been selected and discussed in this new title by Brian Gosling. Chess is a game with worldwide popularity, but the art of problem solving is often neglected by casual players. You do not need to be a chess expert to become a chess problem solver. The challenge is for White to checkmate Black in a specific number of moves, and the search for these optimal moves makes these puzzles highly absorbing.

Brian is well known as the webmaster of a very fine website on the chess endgame which has rather unfortunately been forced to lie fallow for some time. However, he has still been active in research and this book is the result. John Brown (1827-63) was a one time Wesleyan preacher at Bridport and during his lifetime constructed many chess problems, most of which were collected in a book entitled "Chess Strategy" published by his admirers in 1865 to raise funds for his bereaved family.
This new book contains 50 problems selected from "Chess Strategy" together with the solutions. The selected problems are mostly 3 movers, and Brian not only gives the solutions but explains some of the themes in the unique vocabulary of chess composers. If you have skipped over problems in the past as being a mysterious branch of chess appealing to aficionados only, then why not dally awhile and acquaint yourselves with the beauty of the solutions and the benefit you might acquire for your over-the-board activities. Brian has undertaken extensive research taking him to the nooks and crannies of many libraries. It is an authoritative work on this 19th Century chess composer. (W.A.Frost, Chess Devon)

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Brian Gosling

Brian was born in Essex but grew up in Clevedon, Somerset. It was here that he learned to play chess at Clevedon School and was encouraged by Mike Nobes who ran the school chess club.He played for the school team and local clubs and went on to play for Somerset junior and senior teams. Lately he has played for Devon. In 1994 Brian revised Fred Reinfeld's popular book "Beginners Guide to Winning Chess". He used it as the basis of a chess course he taught at the City of Bath College in the mid- 90s. He has worked in education and engineering and his other interests include local history and most aspects of science. He enjoys swimming, walking and is a keen member of a local running club. As a young man he was priviledged to know Sir George Thomas, a former doyen of British Chess.

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