Troubador In Search of Annalena

Released: 28/10/2020

ISBN: 9781800460799

Format: Paperback

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In Search of Annalena

A Life of Tragedy and Triumph in Renaissance Florence


Florence 1441. Cosimo de’ Medici is in his ascendancy and the city wrestles with the aftermath of one of the greatest crimes of the Renaissance, the assassination of Baldaccio d’Anghiari. His young widow Annalena Malatesta, a noblewoman and a relative of the Medici, mourns the tragic loss of her husband which turns her life upside down. She could easily slip into the shadows, however she overcomes personal tragedy and soon her tears of sadness turn to tears of joy. Annalena becomes the foundress of a magnificent and important convent in the city and emerges as one of the most inspirational and significant female spiritual figures in fifteenth century Florence.

The author describes her own personal journey to discover the life story of Annalena Malatesta. As an art historian the author presents a thoroughly researched, scholarly but accessible biography of Annalena. This includes a highly detailed study of the convent that she founded and its associated artworks. This non-fiction book also includes exciting new perspectives related to some major works of Italian Renaissance art that are linked with Annalena.

The full story of Annalena Malatesta has never been told in Italy or to a wider audience, although her name is still indelibly linked with the city of Florence. Here for the first time the life and achievements of this remarkable Renaissance woman are recognised and celebrated.

Firenze Urban Lifestyle

Absolutely loved the book! The in depth research certainly brought Annalena and her world back to life, enhanced by your passion and enthusiasm in presenting the story. It also for me, brought back fond memories of my visits to Florence and the surrounding area. A most interesting and absorbing read.

by Jo Soley

Dawn Cumming

Dawn is an art historian specialising in Italian Renaissance art. She has spent considerable time in Florence and Tuscany, researching source material for this book. She is married with two grown-up children and divides her time between her home in the UK and her holiday home in Tuscany. Dawn gives talks on art history topics in her local community and has worked as a part-time tutor of art history in adult education. She has also written articles on art for a Home Counties/North London lifestyle magazine.

In Search of Annalena. A Life of Tragedy and Triumph in Renaissance Florence, is her first book and builds on her love of Florence and her passion for Italian Renaissance history and art.

Dawn Cumming

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