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Released: 01/12/2012

ISBN: 9781780884202

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In Harmony

A biography of Jack Blanchard and Misty Morgan


Just imagine moving fifteen hundred miles from your home city, only to find that your marriage has fallen apart. Dreams are shattered; hopes dashed; life has kicked you in the teeth. A few months later you meet someone else, you fall in love and find that you have found your soul mate. You start to get to know each other, and then you make an extraordinary discovery; that you were born, not just in the same city, but in the very same hospital. That is exactly what happened to Jack Blanchard and Misty Morgan. They have each spent their working lives as musicians, Misty on piano and keyboards and Jack on keyboards and guitar, and they started working in local clubs during their teens. When they met they were working in nearby clubs in Hollywood, Florida, after becoming aware of each other through seeing each others' names on club billboards and in the local newspaper and a few years later they developed their distinctive harmonies. They have had some incredible experiences during their lifetime, both on the road and off. They have had the thrill of working with most of the biggest names of their era in country music, and they have also worked in places where nobody knew, or cared, who they were. They have had many marvelous adventures and they have also known personal tragedies. They have known both riches and poverty at different stages of their lives. This book gives an account of their lives from their birth and childhood through to the summer of 2012.

November 2012

For all of you who have patiently waited to buy this book, your wait is finally over. We have now finished all the proofreading and corrections ... an arduous task which was made so much easier for me due to the help I received from my friend, Alice, who has previous experience in this field. She's been very thorough so I hope you agree that all the work and the wait were worth it.

The book is now ready to purchase, a week earlier that expected. You may order the book by adding it to your shopping basket on this page. You will be notified when the book is ready for dispatch. Many people I have spoken to have expressed an interest in it, on both sides of the Atlantic, and several have told me that they have already ordered a copy. I have also begun to sell the copies which were sent to my home address.

I am hoping that you are going to enjoy reading it ... and that you will help to make it a best-seller :-)

The U.K.'s Moragh Carter has done a brilliant job of reflecting the life and times of Country cross-over artists Jack Blanchard and Misty Morgan. For their legion of fans throughout the world, IN HARMONY gives us many insights and incidents from their meteoric rise to fame with the 1970 hit Tennessee Bird Walk through to their present day Indie and Internet success. A must read for lovers of all music genres, this unique Biography promises to enlighten and entertain with every turn of the page. Enjoy!

Alice C. Bateman, Canadian Author, ONE AMERICAN DREAMER

by Alice C. Bateman

Jennifer Liptrot of Matador Publishing, who did all the typesetting for Jack & Misty's biography, 'In Harmony', was asked by the author if she ever got time to read the books she was working on.
She replied, "I sometimes do get to read our books all the way through. I read the majority of yours and found their (Jack & Misty's) lives fascinating."
She went on to say that she had ordered a copy of the finished book for herself.

by The Author

This little book by Moragh (Mo) Carter is an enjoyable journey through the lives of Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan. I knew their biggest hit "Tennessee Birdwalk" but living in Australia and being young, I knew their hit ,but no more, until quite recently I became friends with Jack and Misty on Facebook. I quickly became a fan of Jack's wonderful humour and wicked stories of life hanging between fiction and fact. So, when I discovered this biography, I couldn't resist it. As a musician, one's goal is success : a hit song. But there is the long road to arriving and, more surprising, the even longer road after a world number one! Struggle. Some quite awful situations present themselves which required presence of mind, effort and good fortune. So Jack and Misty are a good read; a nice romance; an adventure; a chart topping creative stream and a darn nice little book.
My compliments to Moragh on her conveyance of the rough and smooth of their lives. She, as author, is quite transparent usually - faithfully describing her subject with, I think, very little false colouring.
If you know just their hit song or if you're a serious fan, it's a nice book to read. I confess I would have liked a bit more because some situations stimulated intrigue and a thirst for a more in depth look but buy it. Honestly. It's nice.

by Michael Warner

Enjoyable book (4.0 out of 5 stars on February 26, 2013

This book held my interest all the way through. It is, as most biographies are, just facts about people gathered from other sources...There is not much opportunity to exercise one's creative side when collecting and documenting facts. The writer, however, is proficient in her reporting. The subjects of this work have led interesting lives and have come from interesting backgrounds which makes for an entertaining read.

by Avid reader (USA)

Great (4.0 out of 5 stars on 26 Mar 2013

It was a very interesting, but all too brief story about Jack & Misty's lives. I am now realising it is very hard work in the music industry ... a lot of who you know and how to go about it. They are an amazing couple. Reading this book left me wanting more!

by Meg

The best summer read.(5.0 out of 5 stars on June 29, 2013

I stayed up very late this week reading Moragh Carter's authorized biography of two amazing musicians. This book is the first page turner I've come across in many years. Mo left me wanting more of the stories she wrote about this dynamic Duo. Mo must have spent a lot of time gathering the information packed into writing about Jack Blanchard and Misty Morgan. Jack has written their unique lyrics. Misty has a musky yet clear strong alto voice and plays amazing piano by ear. They earned a Gold Record for the Tennessee Birdwalk. However that success pales against the stories of 46 years, performing in 49 States and being pigeon holded as not fitting into a particular genre by the music industry. They're Country for certain but Jazz also comes easy. The chapter of Jack's writing is hillarious and as always Misty gets the final say. I think this book is an outline for a great movie full of adventure, success, failure, good times and an amazing love story about two kids from Buffalo NY who never met until the were playing gigs in two clubs next door to each other in Miami FL. A must read!

by By Lauren C. Malone

An Enjoyable and Necessary Book For Fans of Nashville Music. (5.0 out of 5 stars on July 12, 2013

"In Harmony" provides a much-needed detailing of the atypical lives and music of two atypical artists. I learned something on every page.

by Peter Cooper (USA)

I never knew that (5.0 out of 5 stars on 25 July 2013

Jack and Misty were big. In the 70's. Then came 'New Country'. And they fell out of the spotlight. In this book, the author obviously spent some time with them. And got the real story. How they came back. Got inducted into 'The Hall Of Fame' in country music. But there's more to it than that. It's a tale of the music buisness. How you get bought and sold. And survive. It's one of those.. 'Just another page' books. Even if you're not into country music. It's a great read. Makes you feel like you know these people.

by Linda (UK)

In Harmony - Follow the highs and lows of country singers
(4.0 out of 5 stars February 9, 2014

Author Moragh Carter offers an inside peek at the private lives of Jack Blanchard and Misty Morgan, best known for their hit song, Tennessee Birdwalk, which reached the number one spot on the country charts in 1970.
Through Carter, Jack and Misty share the joys and sorrows they faced over the years as they shared their music with the public in everything from run-down bars to festivals, packed auditoriums and even the Grand Ole Opry. What makes this book particular delightful is Jack’s humor that not only shines through in their music but also in how he tells their story.
Carter shares both the highs and lows this talented duo endured during their years in the music business. There were times of extreme poverty, when they struggled to make a living and aside from performing gigs, they took on extra odd jobs. At the same time, they had to content with bar owners that sometimes disappeared before paying them and even one at The Comic Book in Jacksonville Beach who fiend a fake robbery just to get out of paying them.
In 1965, the couple recorded an instrumental together called Gemini. Then in 1967, their first recording session at Woodland Studios in Nashville resulted in their song, Bethlehem Steel. Their next title - Big Black Bird - was a ‘Top 10 Pick’ on Billboard.
Their best times were during the ‘70s when they released a series of popular songs, including Somewhere in Virginia in the Rain, Humphrey The Camel and There Must Be More to Life than Growing Old but even then, record producers found exceptional ways of getting out of contracts and refusing to pay.
After suffering from ill health for a time, the couple made a major comeback going into the 2000’s with remakes from old vinyl records to digital editions of such songs as Call On Me, Back from the Dead – Volume 2 (there was no Volume 1, which again showed Jack’s amazing wit), A Little Out of Sync and Jack & Misty are Crazy. In 2004, the couple was inducted into the New York Country Music Hall of Fame and soon thereafter, into the Buffalo (NY) Music Hall of Fame in 2010.
But by far the most interesting aspect of their lives unfolds when Jack relates some of the things that happened over the years. For example, he relates that when he was a teenager, he joined a trio with two other young men, who were Mohawk Indians. The boys took him to races at the Six Nations reservation in Ontario where their parents ran a general store, post office and funeral parlor.
One night, the boys took him downstairs for a jamming session “by flashlight and candle light. It seems the entire family woke up and came down to cheer them on but when the lights went on, Jack realized “they were in the funeral parlor with two dead bodies in the audience!”
Years later, when Jack and Misty performed at a hotel restaurant and lounge in Sebring, Florida, they ran into trouble when they sang their song, Cows. Right in front of the audience, the owner yelled at them saying, “they should have known better” and promptly fired them.
This book, which is such an easy read, also includes a collection of Jack’s lighthearted and humorous stories. As Moragh noted, he has the innate ability to “paint with words.” When you purchase this book, be sure to read such stories as, ‘Henhouse Murder Trial Begins and The Last Day. You’re sure to have a great laugh!
To hear their music and keep up with their latest news, be sure to visit Jack’s web sites & CD Baby

by Martha Jette (Hamilton, Ontario)

In Harmony (5.0 out of 5 stars 10 Mar 2014

Being a musician myself I could relate to the ups and downs in the music industry. This book is an insight into how luck plays a part in getting the recognition that talented artists are not given the breaks they deserve. Nice read, would highly recommend. Well done Moragh.

by P D Walker (UK)

The Music Life (3.0 out of 5 stars March 24, 2014

Just finished reading In Harmony, a book that interested me as I am also a musician. I was not familiar with Jack & Misty before this. I resonated with many of their adventures. I enjoy seeing what other musician's experiences have been like!
The book was gathered facts and information about their life and journey in music. My favorite chapters were the one of Jack's own quirky musings, and the chapters listings their awards and singles ~ which made a good chronicle of their musical career.

I got a free pdf copy of the book through Story Cartel in return for my honest review.

by Marianne Kesler (USA)

A great romp through parts of my childhood,(5.0 out of 5 stars on 24, 2014

I will often say that I’m not much for memoirs or biographies, and I should really stop saying that as the last half-dozen I’ve read were all quite enjoyable. “In Harmony” is no exception. The author gifted me with an ecopy and I am appreciative of that as chances are I wouldn’t have read this book otherwise. But you should. Seriously. But before you do. Or perhaps during. Definitely after. Head over to youtube and have a listen to some of their songs. “Tennessee Birdwalk” was the first one that I listened to, as it was mentioned in this book. And from there, I kept clicking. It was a fun romp through many songs I enjoyed in my early childhood.

Which made reading this book that much more enjoyable. It’s the story of a musical couple (who are still together) from early childhood forward as we are witness to what it was like working in the music scene along what many of us would consider the fringes. Hard working musical geniuses who had to work hard for everything they achieved.

Here’s a bit about them from the book: “Jack & Misty were among the first innovators in country music. They constantly added new and different sounds, and experimented with instrumentation, rhythms and story lines. They were the first major country act to use analog synthesizers, similar to the Moog. They have always liked to write and record the music that they enjoyed, and they just hoped that the public would like it too. They reckoned that their listeners could hear the fun they were having in their studio sessions.”

Did that catch your attention? Innovators. Experimenters. Tellers of tall tales (be sure to check out chapter 9). The tale of Jack and Misty is really a ballad of love. Love of music and love for each other. Oh and line dancing. But you’ll have to ask Moragh about that.

by Leslie O'Brien (USA)

Five Stars (5.0 out of 5 stars on December 18, 2014
Wonderful bio, love these two and the wonderful, marvelous music
By NightOwl (USA)

by NightOwl (USA)

 Moragh Carter

Moragh Carter is an English writer who lives in the North West of England. Her name is Gaelic and is pronounced Mora.

After leaving school, she trained as an orthopaedic nurse and then as a physiotherapist, but spent much of her married life caring for her disabled husband, who died in 2004. She has three sons and two grandkids, who she tries to see as often as she can.

Although she has written on and off over the years for various newsletters, mainly for the CMT support group which caters for those who shared her late husband’s neuromuscular condition, she has only started writing more seriously since being widowed.

In December 2010 she started entering poetry competitions and, to date, she has had seven poems printed in various anthologies. She has also had several articles printed in the UK Guardian weekend supplement, with the first one being published in December 2011. She is a member of her local writers' circle.

She is part way through a creative writing course which is designed to teach her how to further her writing career. This course was put on hold during most of 2012 while she wrote the biography of her friends, Jack Blanchard and Misty Morgan, from Florida, so she is now working hard to make up for lost time.

She met Jack and Misty, who are award winning country music singers, as a direct result of hearing a song of theirs on internet radio. She contacted them in order to buy their music and, after two years of correspondence, in April 2007 she flew to Florida to meet them. A close friendship developed between them and she is now counted as 'part of their family'. The more she got to know them, the more she realised that they had a story that was worth telling. After spending a couple of years, or more, trying to persuade Jack to write their autobiography, she decided that he was going to run out of lifetime before he started, so the idea was born that she should write their biography. This book will be the first she has written ... but hopefully not the last. She has already had a tentative inquiry from a UK country singer about possibly writing his biography.

Moragh's other hobbies are listening to country music (both on the radio and live) and line dancing. She has made many friends through these pastimes and has met people from all over the UK and from overseas. She loves to travel and, since that trip in 2007, she has been to the USA at least once a year. She has made many friends there, as well as having a sister and cousin who have both lived there for about 40 years. She also attends many country music festivals around the UK, travelling in her red VW camper van which is easily recognised by her friends.

Moragh Carter
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