Troubador In and Out of Class

Released: 28/10/2017

ISBN: 9781788035774

Format: Paperback

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In and Out of Class

Ventures in Education and Community


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In and Out of Class recalls, entirely from memory because Dr McGregor kept no diary, a long international career as a school teacher, university lecturer, professor and college principal, disclosing the philosophy of education he gradually developed. At his Bristol LEA junior school a succession of kind, skilful, female teachers guided his enthusiasms, teaching him how to learn, through six years of war in a heavily bombed city. Winning an open scholarship in English he graduated from Bristol University and, as National Service, spent three years as an Education Officer in the RAF. 

He was then appointed assistant master at Worcester College for the Blind which, far from being complex and emotionally taxing as he had expected, proved the liveliest, wittiest and most rewarding school situation he had ever encountered. He was then attracted to another challenge, at Kings’ College Budo in Uganda where he became a skilful teacher of English as a Second Language and was then appointed to a lectureship in English Teaching Method at nearby Makerere University College, affiliated to London University. Invited to be a founder member of the new University of Zambia, Lusaka, he then became Professor and Head of Education. 

He returned to UK as Principal first of Bishop Otter College, Chichester and then of Ripon and York St John College, leading both towards full university status, not least through his outspoken criticism of government policies on teacher education. He was appointed Professor of Education by the University of Leeds and on ‘retirement’ honoured as Emeritus Professor, making frequent return visits to African universities over the next 15 years, as voluntary consultant, lecturer, examiner and writer. In and Out of Class is a revealing, funny and often moving look back at a unique career, which will be enjoyed and valued by intending or experienced teachers and by all who recall their own education and the institutions which provided it.

A simple, useful guide. J an a writer and have more than the basic level of understanding but this book still had helpful and insightful tips that I have picked up and used. I would recommend this book to anyone looking for an entry level text on the subject.

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