Troubador Digging Up The Family

Released: 28/11/2017

ISBN: 9781788038997

Format: Paperback

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Digging Up The Family

A Lesson in Social History


A novice family historian, the author sets out to gain a personal perspective on her background. She rapidly realises that to understand her forebears she must gain a greater insight into their world. As she begins to dig more deeply, the dry, academic past of the history books morphs into a fascinating kaleidoscope of conflict and romance, crime and retribution, economic hardship and joyful celebration. Long held family secrets emerge to surprise and intrigue.

The resulting stories are unique but universal, ordinary yet extraordinary. For the Carters and the Garretts are people of their time and place, their lives woven into the fabric of the society and the surroundings into which they are born and in which they make their living. They are the people behind the statistics, the individuals who make up the common history.

Join the quest to unearth the reality of their everyday lives. From the farms of Dorset and Pembrokeshire to the coal mines, foundries and dockyards of Monmouthshire, from the days of George III to the aftermath of the Second World War, accompany them through the Industrial Revolution, sweeping social change, personal tragedy and triumph to the brink of the modern age.

Mystery, crime, romance? Sometimes we need look no further than our own family history… In “Digging Up The Family” the author resurrects her forebears to tell stories of the worlds in which they lived, to bring the past into the present.
The book was launched at a most enjoyable evening at Writers in the Brewery in Cirencester on November 28th - many thanks to Rona Laycock for the invitation! It generated much interest and a lively discussion, making clear that it had succeeded in touching a chord with a wide range of people having very disparate family histories.

Who says other people's family history is boring? Digging Up the Family is proof of the contrary. Gill Garrett weaves the lives of her forebears into the context of their times, investigating many topics: work migration,education,social conditions,the war & its implications for domestic life... She follows her characters, travelling to visit their old haunts, talking to people who experienced similar situations. She relates to them & they affect her. This book will certainly encourage readers to investigate the drama & history of their own families.

by Jan E.

Digging up the Family is fascinating; the way the author combines social history with family history makes it a compelling read. I have learnt so much about the lives of people in the past through this book it makes me want to research the lives and times of my own ancestors.

by Rona

Gill Garrett

Gill spends her time between the Cotswolds and the Wye Valley, both inspirational places to live and to write. In a previous existence she worked as an author and lecturer in nursing studies, but retirement freed her to write more imaginatively. Having published both poetry and short stories, a long term interest in family history set her on the path to creative non-fiction, which now occupies most of her writing life.

Gill Garrett
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