Troubador Dalfin d'Alvernhe (1150-1234)

Released: 28/06/2020

ISBN: 9781838593728

Format: Paperback

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Dalfin d'Alvernhe (1150-1234)

Troubadour Lord of Auvergne


This book explores the life and work of Dalfin d'Alvernhe (1150-1234), Count of Clermont-Ferrand. Its focus is the nature and the extent of his literary activity and its significance for a more general appreciation of the literary and social milieu in which he lived.

Its aim is to evaluate earlier work on the topic, examine surviving documents and consisted the literary circles of his time to derive a picture of a man of the end of the twelfth and beginning of the thirteenth century who was a lord, a patron and a poet.

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