Troubador Coals to Calcutta

Released: 01/02/2010

ISBN: 9781848762473

Format: Paperback

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Coals to Calcutta

The True Story of the Daughter of a Preacher Man


This true story tells of a young boy’s determination as the life he envisioned takes a turn after the death of his father. His fate leads him into the coal mines, where he struggles hard to reach a new goal and achieve his ambitions against all the odds. This young boy would one day be Margo Rutter’s father.

Following the death of her parents, Margo felt compelled to retrace their steps. This biographical account of human strength transports the reader from a coal mining community of County Durham to the inner city slum dwellings and a leper colony, shrouded in stigma and rejection, on the outskirts of Calcutta in the mid 1950s.

The trail enfolds into a cacophony of colour, bustle and hustle on a busy Kolkata main street, as the author provides us with an insight into the city’s spontaneity, contrasts and joys.

Honest, reflective and wholly readable, Coals to Calcutta presents a lively and entertaining journey of spiritual exploration as the author breaks through many personal boundaries to reveal new and exciting horizons.

Margo writes in an honest and engaging way. This book is written in the style of a novel and is easy to read and follow. The writer is on a journey of discovery and the reader becomes her companion...

...Religion and faith are hot topics of discussion today. Religious and secular writers are engaged in the debate. Margo's book provides a helpful contribution. There is illumination here and the difficult questions are not avoided.

Inderjit Bhogal
Former President of the Methodist Church
(April 2010)

Bromsgrove Advertiser
(December 2009)

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Margo Rutter

Margo was born in County Durham when life still revolved around the coal mines. Instead of growing up in the pit village of Blackhall she was bundled aboard a ship, at three months of age, and sailed across the sea to India with her missionary parents.

She returned to England, with India's colourful culture coursing through her childhood viens, and spent a few years in one rambling Victorian manse after another. Her family life was centered around the Church, just as the communities of Durham once centered around the pits.

Her life as the daughter of the manse opened up a burning quest within her to seek out personal values and beliefs. The search became tough, yet also fun, with each answer leading to a new question. One thing she has learned is that life, with all its secrets and questions, can be an intoxicating adventure...

Margo spent her teenage and young adult years in Southall, on the outskirts of London and is now settled in Worcestershire with her husband and two children.

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