Troubador Charles Dickens

Released: 16/12/2016

eISBN: 9781785896767

Format: eBook

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Charles Dickens

Conjurer, Mesmerist and Showman


Charles Dickens, apart from his literary fame, was a remarkable man with an intense fascination for diverse subjects. This book, for the first time describes his great conjuring ability, his intrigue with hypnotism and its medical powers, a relentless pursuit of ghosts, his crusade against bogus mediums and spiritualism, his absorption from his youth with fairs, circus and a multiplicity of entertainers, an outstanding theatre actor for whom Queen Victoria insisted he should perform, and in his later years possibly the greatest public speaker of all time, who was in great demand here and in America, with an incredible ability and voice to have audiences of up to 3,000, alternatively in tears or hilarious laughter.

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