Troubador But For the Sake of a Tiny Wasp

Released: 28/03/2019

ISBN: 9781789016970

Format: Paperback

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But For the Sake of a Tiny Wasp


What is an evacuee grandpa, what did they do in the war?”

But For the Sake of a Tiny Wasp is a deeply emotional story of Ron, an East End evacuee who, along with his five year old brother, Len, and two elder sisters was unceremoniously plucked from a loving family and evacuated to West Sussex.

The book is a simple, but honest, personal account of real life evacuee experiences revealing how the happy memories, traumas, moments of loneliness, unhappiness and fear all had a lifelong effect on his future development as an individual. As the complete circle of his life evolves, through childhood to present day, it becomes apparent that this true story has proved his life to be one of triumph over adversity.

Although an incredibly poignant and raw account of war, including events such as the evacuation, rationing and Hitler’s invasion of Poland, the book also has light-hearted moments detailing Ron’s pre-war life and happier memories.

But For the Sake of a Tiny Wasp will appeal to readers of all ages with an interest in the Second World War.

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