Troubador But For the Sake of a Tiny Wasp

Released: 28/03/2019

ISBN: 9781789016970

Format: Paperback

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But For the Sake of a Tiny Wasp


What is an evacuee grandpa, what did they do in the war?”

But For the Sake of a Tiny Wasp is a deeply emotional story of Ron, an East End evacuee who, along with his five year old brother, Len, and two elder sisters was unceremoniously plucked from a loving family and evacuated to West Sussex.

The book is a simple, but honest, personal account of real life evacuee experiences revealing how the happy memories, traumas, moments of loneliness, unhappiness and fear all had a lifelong effect on his future development as an individual. As the complete circle of his life evolves, through childhood to present day, it becomes apparent that this true story has proved his life to be one of triumph over adversity.

Although an incredibly poignant and raw account of war, including events such as the evacuation, rationing and Hitler’s invasion of Poland, the book also has light-hearted moments detailing Ron’s pre-war life and happier memories.

But For the Sake of a Tiny Wasp will appeal to readers of all ages with an interest in the Second World War.

Parham Park



The Evacuee

The Evacuee

Evacuee Magazine

A superb read. I could not begin to imagine the trauma of how a young child felt to be plucked from their family not knowing where they were heading. This account made me feel as close as I would want to be! It was a journey through both the highs and lows of those war years that so many children and their families experienced.

by Heulwen Jones

What a beautifully presented and illustrated account of an individual subjected to the impact of war - not only on him but also on ordinary citizens. A great read for those who enjoy seeing an emotional story unfold but also for those interested the the second world war and its aftermath through to the present day. Not about fighting and physical destruction but how an individual can develop out of adversity and make use of positives. Even after finishing it you are compelled to dip back in again and again to satisfy curiosity about the pressures and outcomes that affected so many.

by Barry Payne

I took delivery of “But for the sake of a tiny wasp” in mid January.

It was a fascinating read which my wife and I both enjoyed. We now have a much better feel and understanding of the trauma that the evacuation of so many young children caused.

The descriptions of the weeks before war was declared as well as its progress were also enlightening.
As for Ron and his siblings, our hearts go out to him and them.

Although Ron’s time at Parham House was “privileged” he was still, along with his small brother,separated from his family and he certainly had a very (very again) rough time in the “billets” that followed- not to mention the loss of his brother on HMSHood.

That he survived to become the man he obviously is today speaks volumes for his character and the lady he married. I would highly recommend this book.

by Mike Vass

I was given this book as a gift .What a fantastic read. It reached every imaginable emotion ; I laughed , I was overcome with sadness, I jumped for joy,I felt at times I was actually sharing these times. Hats off for a well written account. Well done!

by Ann jones

Fantastic read, couldn't put the book down. Fascinating story.

by Adam Pearson

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