Troubador Belt and Braces

Released: 01/02/2013

eISBN: 9781783068180

Format: eBook

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Belt and Braces

The official biography of Douglas J. Clark


A rags to riches biography – amusing and inspiring in equal measure

Belt and Braces chronicles the life of Douglas Clark, a poorly educated man who was born into poverty in a country village and went on to become an inspirationally successful businessman. From mending lawnmowers as a child to running a huge network of motor dealerships and a property empire as his journey progressed. His methods were home grown and unconventional, his risk taking enormous but always calculated and he always played the game by his own rules. His lifelong caveat being that once a course of action was decided upon then he applied belt and braces to it. In essence this meant contingency against every conceivable adversity.

Alongside the business growth, his private life exploits will raise many a smile.

The book covers seven decades, up to the present and parallels what was happening in Doug’s life alongside national and international events. You don’t need to be a car buff or even a budding entrepreneur to appreciate it; merely enjoy the journey through life of a very talented, amusing and unique man.

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