Troubador Armageddon Fed Up With This

Released: 28/01/2015

ISBN: 9781784621308

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Armageddon Fed Up With This

A Gunner's Tale


In 1940 Eric Nudd, like millions of others, found himself unexpectedly in uniform – a raw conscript in a heavy anti-aircraft regiment. He grew over the next five years into a seasoned professional with the Normandy and North West European campaigns under his belt. A previously unsuspected talent for maths took him from heaving shells to fire-control and then radar, giving him a ringside view of the manic wartime technology race. As a Fleet Street journalist, prolific letter-writer and occasional poet Eric published improvised news sheets from a succession of gun sites and dugouts. Armageddon Fed Up With This – A Gunner’s Tale is told by a ‘civilian-in-uniform’ who was an acute observer and literate recorder of what he saw. His wry, sometimes scathing observations on the humour and idiocy of army life, and the military, political and cultural events of the time are set against the global cataclysm going on around him. The author, Derek Nudd, colours in the background for those of us lucky enough to have missed it. Inspired by authors such as Cyril Demarne and Spike Milligan, Armageddon Fed Up With This provides a new perspective – from underneath – on the anti-aircraft forces who, for a while after the fall of France, were the only part of the army shooting back. This book will appeal to readers who enjoy historical and military biographies, and provide new insights for students of the period. The title was a contemporary joke.

Armageddon Fed Up With This will be among the works featured on the CHINDI stall at the Arundel Festival from 18th-27th August. We will be outside the Cancer Research shop and all sales will benefit the charity.

In the meantime you can still catch up with Episode 3 (Shepton Mallet Prison) from Michael Portillo's Hidden History of Britain on 4th May, which features me talking about an incident from Armageddon.

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It takes some insight to get inside another individual’s mind. Especially when he becomes a soldier and is forced to take part in a world war.
Derek Nudd had the help of Eric: his father’s letters to his wife through most of World War II. This is essentially a human story. Not just a private to sergeant’s progress but a man’s tale told in his own words by a highly articulate (in civvy life a national journalist) observer of every human aspect of what goes on around him from the comical to the absurd to the tragic.
Derek Nudd puts the tale in the context of the times and places: British, European and the world. But the main voice to come through is Eric’s. The circumstances and places change. And you see Eric changing to meet them: the bungling and the everyday as well as the official version.
This is not the tale of a war hero. This is Everyman’s experience of war.

by W. P. Black

I used to think that the plots in "Dad's Army" were too far-fetched to have any grain of truth in them but having read of some of the army bungling which went on during Eric's travels round the country before deployment overseas, I am not so sure! My father's wartime service was in the catering corps in North Africa and Sicily so it was fascinating to learn what life was like for someone who had a completely different experience. I particularly enjoyed the way the author juxtaposed what was happening in the war in general against the personal experiences related in Eric's letters, which has given me a new perspective on my own father's journey through the war.

by Hazel Braden

Intimate account of one family's Second World War experience based on the letters from Eric to his wife. Loved the detail: salary reduction due to rank; promotion stymied due to snobbishness; wry acknowledgement of some of the sheer stupidity of senior ranks. yet a hunger for knowledge, pride in company's achievements and still a sense of displacement - there through sense of duty, conviction is to be at home with the family and advancing in media career. Would highly recommend this book.

by Geraldine Tierney

Derek Nudd

Derek returned to his first love, writing, after a degree in History and English, a master's in Systems Analysis and a successful career in engineering. Light freelancing in business communications kept the wolf from the door while preparing his first book. A number of other projects are in the stack.

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