Troubador An Australian's Story

Released: 28/11/2018

eISBN: 9781789019018

Format: eBook

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An Australian's Story


Bob McIntosh’s life has been rich in incident and anecdote which he recounts with verve and passion. 
An exciting biography told with a fine portion of personal sarcasm and humour. 
An early life spent in the Australian outback and then throughout Latin America.

Bob McIntosh grew up as a single child on sheep and cattle stations in the outback of Australia and received a customary tough, thorough but loving countryside upbringing, based on a set of strong values, a good attitude to farm work and where a love of all aspects of nature comes as natural as nature itself. 

Not exactly sure what to do with life after finishing school and a few years of backbreaking labour experiences in the outback, Bob decided to extensively explore Europe and North America to expand his horizons and find his bearings. 

Upon returning to Australia, he was sure he was made for bigger things than bush life. While in the process of obtaining a university degree he started working for one of the largest companies in Australia with a worldwide commercial network of sales representatives. 

The opportunity to work in Latin America was not lost on him, eventually having his own company in Panama which he skilfully, but with plenty of sacrifice, guided from near nothing to a successful venture in the controversial industry of agro-chemicals.

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