Troubador Aitch: A Life in Colour

Released: 02/01/2014

ISBN: 9781783062065

eISBN: 9781783067602

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Aitch: A Life in Colour

Conversations with my hair stylist


We’ve all chatted with our hair stylist. But how often do our conversations reveal extraordinary stories of a life full of colour, glamour and drama?

A Life in Colour tells the remarkable story of Aitch Peters, a leading international hair stylist, through a series of conversations with his client Jill King, at the Sassoon salon in the City of London.

Through their conversations – lively, funny and at times shocking – Aitch’s inspirational story is told, from his humble beginnings in Dominica to a life of creativity, glamour and adventure. As Aitch styles Jill’s hair, his experiences, thoughts and creative inspirations are explored and brought vividly to life.

Aitch’s career began when he walked through the doors of the Sassoon Academy in 1973. From there he rose to become a creative director in London, Munich and Los Angeles. His celebrity clients have included everyone from Mariah Carey, Faye Dunaway, Jody Watley, Tracey Ullman, Whoopi Goldberg and Nicolas Cage, to the Reverend Jesse Jackson and the First Lady of the Philippines. He’s worked with leading photographers including David Bailey, Annie Leibovitz, Lord Lichfield and Terry O’Neil, and his work has featured in Italian Vogue, Harpers & Queen and Tatler magazine.

The book also describes the relationship between hair stylist and client. While Aitch and Jill appear to be the most unlikely of couples, they gradually come to appreciate the parallels in their lives and values.

This innovative biography will appeal to those in the world of hairdressing, people who enjoy fashion, beauty and glamour, and anyone intrigued by an unusual story.

An extremely glamorous book launch party was held on 13 November in the Sassoon salon in the City of London with over 250 invited guests, exquisite canapés, champagne, beautiful flowers and a red carpet. The first book launch ever in a hair salon!

On 10 December 2013 Aitch and Jill were invited onto the Robert Elms show on BBC Radio London 94.9FM to talk about their book. The whole programme was devoted to hairdressing with listeners calling in with their good and bad hair stories. Robert Elms was very enthusiastic about Aitch: A Life in Colour, recommending it to his listeners.

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This book is a touching insight into the client/stylist relationship, as well as a biography of a really interesting and highly successful hair-dresser - I absolutely loved it! The way Jill relays stories from Aitch's colourful life, from his early life to his more recent experiences make it a fascinating read, and makes you want to know even more about him. Having been in the hairdressing business for over 20 years, I felt very in tune with Aitch's world, and I recognised many of the characters and situations he talks about. I was left wanting to read more!

by Robert Resnick, former Academy Manager, HOB salons

Aitch: A Life in Colour is an inspiring book, especially for anyone in the hairdressing world; it is extremely entertaining, full of humour, compassion and wonderful detail. I've never met Aitch, but Jill has captured his colourful personality so well that I feel I know him. I couldn't put the book down once I started reading it. I am recommending it to all my clients and friends in the hairdressing trade.

by Jill Dennis, Senior independent stylist

Jill King's debut book has clever subtlety; its pages provide exciting and often emotional stories and powerful imagery. It's clever. Full of self-effacing wisdom and friendship, the characters grow close to your heart. If a book makes me smile and sometimes chuckle as the pages turn, it's a success. Jill King's book Aitch: A Life in Colour did exactly that.

by Evie Serventi, Freelance editor and writer

Aitch's warm smile on the cover of this book welcomes the reader into a fascinating and colourful life, cleverly described by Jill King in a way that at the end of each chapter left you wanting to know more. Jill weaves together interesting details about Aitch's family, relationships, travel and work in the manner of one of his intricate hairstyles. For someone whose knowledge of hairdressing is limited solely to being a client, this book describes the depth of thought and creativity that goes into hairdressing.

by Hazel Horspole, Art Teacher

Jill King's book explores the relationship between hairstylist and client in a highly engaging way by recounting stories from Aitch Peters' colourful life. While the setting in the hairdressing salon is deceptively familiar, few of us will have experienced such touching, dramatic and entertaining stories as are revealed during these appointments. The way the book is structured leaves you intrigued to find out what’s coming next. It's a great read.

by Chris McCosh, HR Manager

I enjoyed reading this book so much that I bought extra copies for Christmas presents for my friends! Aitch's story is a fascinating one, and it's vividly and delightfully told by Jill King. I loved the honesty of the book and its authenticity - it both inspired and entertained me.

by Jenni Emery

Once I started reading this book I absolutely couldn't put it down - I wanted to hear the next instalment and the next story. What a remarkable man Aitch is, and what an extraordinary life. The direct and relatively simple narrative style lets the content speak for itself, and it's as though Aitch is in the room telling his own story in full technicolour. It's a great example of a writer getting out of the way of the content, which not every writer can do.

by Sally Woodward

Enjoyed reading this over the holidays (:>) Particularly enjoyed hearing Aitch's anecdotes and the lessons he learned from them - What an interesting life and a real example of someone who has succeeded in spite of real adversity. Aitch's creativity and artistry set a standard and I have learnt so much about style from Aitch, even though I haven't known him very long. Take it on holiday with you.....

by Penelope Cass

It's been years since I have found a book so enjoyable that I could read it with such sustained attention. Beautifully done and a major league fun read (as we Americans would say!). I laughed out loud a couple of times and have a very vivid image of Aitch and Jill in the salon. Aitch's story is of course outrageous, which is why its so interesting. A great story, vividly and compellingly told.

by Karl Laubscher

This book is a real page-turner. I didn't want to put it down once I'd started, as Aitch and the author, Jill King, are such interesting characters. I thoroughly enjoyed accompanying them on their respective journies, and wanted to know even more when the book ended. This book is a fascinating insight into the glamorous world of high-end hairdressing, both from the perspective of the hairdresser and the client. A touching, intriguing and very enjoyable read that will stay with you long after you've finished it.

by Ros McHugh

I enjoyed this biography immensely especially as I got further into it and discovered so more about Aitch's upbringing and his 'roots'.Jill has done such a great job in writing this and exposing his colourful character, drawing out so much humour, passion, fun as well as heart felt pain, sorrow, illness and loss.What a great read! -I am going to recommend it to my friends.

by Gillian Lake

Jill King

Jill spent the first 30 years of her professional life as an HR Director in large organisations including Tesco, KPMG and the leading global law firm Linklaters LLP. In January 2012 she hung up her corporate high heels to pursue her writing career. She is a well known commentator on the professions and has recently written her first non-business book Aitch: A Life in Colour, which tells the extraordinary story of her hair stylist through a series of conversations in the Sassoon salon in the City.

Jill King

Aitch Peters and Jill King at their book launch
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