Troubador A Soldier of the 6th Division

Released: 28/03/2016

ISBN: 9781784624002

Format: Hardback

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A Soldier of the 6th Division

Incorporating Recollections of the Machine Gun Corps & Following My Father's Footsteps


“The dawn of 21st March, a date I will never forget – visibility was but four to five years at the most – suddenly, in the fog I saw a figure take aim with his rifle and fire. My guns had been taken without firing a shot and I was the only one left to tell what had happened...”

A Soldier of the 6th Division is the memoir of a young machine-gunner through the last year of the First World War accompanied by a detailed account of his actions in the context of the great battles he fought in. From Cambrai to the occupation of the Rhineland, Tom Brookbank was in the thick of the First World War.

A lively and exciting personal memoir of an extremely lucky machine gunner in the First World War.

Extensively researched, A Soldier of the 6th Division accurately establishes the experiences and actions of Tom Brookbank. With every detail examined, including Tom’s company, section and, indeed, the actual gun that he operated, Michael Brookbank takes us on a journey through Tom’s whereabouts during the war. Perhaps the most detailed account of the actions of the 6th division, this book will appeal to readers who enjoy military memoirs.

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