Troubador Zimbabwe Calling

Released: 28/01/2018

ISBN: 9781788039932

Format: Paperback

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Zimbabwe Calling


• The fascinating experiences of a Salvation Army missionary family at a unique time in Zimbabwe’s history 
• Of particular interest to missionaries who have been or are serving in Zimbabwe. 

Zimbabwe Calling is the story of a Missionary family in Zimbabwe, at the time Independence was granted. It covers the four Salvation Army missionary appointments held by Brian Knightley and his wife during this time. Each gives a closer insight into the cultural differences they encountered during their time spent there. 

Their first appointment was in charge of a mainly white church in the capital, Harare. Realising that his training and talent for teaching could be better used in a rural African mission, a request was made and granted for them to go to work in a black African school where Brian was made Superintendent-in-charge. 

This led to what was a challenging but fulfilling appointment at the Bradley Institute, fifty miles from the nearest white community, on a campus with a fifteen-foot python and where the students had recently rioted violently against the administration. A few years previously it had been closed because freedom fighters had been regular visitors... 

Zimbabwe Calling is a compelling account of the unpredictable life of a missionary, as well as an insight into the customs, traditions and superstitions that still govern the lives of many Zimbabweans.

Mission Liberia is Brian's gripping memoir of his missionary work. He spent thirteen years in Liberia with his wife, spreading the church's message and building education and medical systems to support the collapsing society around them. When the couple first arrived in Monrovia, they had only two suitcses to their name. They struggled through dangerous and difficult circumstances, faithfully accepting the challenge of work that they knew God had called them to do.

Mission Liberia is released 1st November 2010.

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Brian Knightley

Born in London and educated in Watford, Brian qulaified as a teacher and taught mathmatics and drafting for 14 years before being ordained for the ministry. After four years of service in the UK he became a missionary in Africa, serving six years in Zimbabwe, one in Zambia and thirteen in Liberia.

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