Troubador Without Walls

Released: 28/11/2017

ISBN: 9781788035279

Format: Hardback

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Without Walls

A memoir by Milton Toubkin


Without Walls is Milton’s Toubkin’s unique memoir, which begins with an impoverished, but generally happy, early childhood in South Africa and ends with Milton’s retirement. Like most people, Milton faced many difficulties throughout his life, ranging from the divorce of his parents, his mother’s suicide attempt and the death of his daughter at the age of just nineteen. But Without Walls also records the happiest moments of the author’s life, including meeting and marrying his wife Marj, becoming a father to two children and becoming a grandfather. The book also explores the huge impact that Milton had on the international educational system in London as a result of his founding Southbank International School with his colleagues. Milton describes the school’s modest beginnings, surviving with little money and no external support, before growing to become an outstanding educational institution with a unique programme. The story of this ‘school without walls’ forms a significant part of Milton’s life story. Inspired by The School without Walls by John Bremer and Michael von Moschzisker and Peter Godwin’s A White Boy in Africa, Without Walls is a unique biography that will appeal to readers interested in education, as well as those that enjoy memoirs. It will also be enjoyed by former pupils and associates of Southbank International School.

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This is Toubkin's self-portrait in his own words. Originally intended for his grandchildren that they may know their ancestry should they wish, but his life writing peers advised him that his life sketch could possibly interest a wider audience. Hence, Toubkin's memoir came to be published, serving dual purposes. Here we have Toubkin's own account of his life's journey - his humble origins which did not deter him from establishing the South bank International school. This truly developed later into the school without walls a unique and outstanding institution that affected international education. Imagine sitting around a campfire and grandpa Toubkin recounting this tale to his listeners. It is an honour to be privy to his finest and darkest moments and all the everyday ordinary moments in between. Devoid of embellishment, refreshing in its retelling Toubkin's very own folksy charm shines through. A definite must read whether lying on a beach, hunkering down at home on a cold snowy day or my fav sitting by the campfire and reading aloud.

by Beatrice Viegas

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