Troubador William

Released: 28/04/2016

ISBN: 9781785891168

Format: Paperback

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What you are about to read should not have been a book, but merely a chapter within a book, but, in writing this account about William, I found that my pen just flowed on way past where the chapter should have ended. Realising that I had allowed this to happen, I continued the narrative to set down the whole story from beginning to end. In doing this it has been necessary to draw upon the situation of William’s family; a fun-loving slightly unconventional clan, who, for most of the time, could only appreciate the enjoyment one got from life, and just cocked-a-snook to any drawbacks it might contain.William did not belong to me, thank goodness, but he became embroiled, over time, with my own family through circumstances. A hyper-active and mischievous boy, and so daring, I marvelled at times that he still existed. He almost turned life onto its head with his antics, and the effect he had on people during his formative years constituted a calamity. Although the book starts at the beginning in a care-free fashion with the telling of William’s unbelievable frolics, it nevertheless starts to spiral, after a while, into very worrying aspects which gradually culminate in a sad and dramatic end.

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