Troubador Wild? These Cats are Furious!

Released: 28/11/2017

ISBN: 9781788035842

Format: Paperback

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Wild? These Cats are Furious!


Wild? These Cats are Furious! is a true account of former Cats Protection volunteer Heather Cook’s introduction to the shadowy world of wild, or feral, cats and her continuing fascination with these brave and beautiful creatures. Ferals are not a distinct species and may look exactly the same as Fluffy or Grand Champion Wandering Whimsy, but a true feral would make a Tasmanian Devil look cuddly. There are phoney ferals, of course, and this book exposes these pretenders for the lightweights they are – along with cats like Heather’s own little Evie, who is sometimes feral and sometimes not, depending on the weather or what she had for breakfast... Wild? These Cats are Furious! is primarily a tribute to the cats from the wrong side of the tracks; cats who have survived by living on their wits and being sensible enough to make the best of a stale sandwich if it was the only thing on offer; cats who have defended their half-starved kittens from marauding foxes, rats and the odd human scumbag who thinks throwing missiles at terrified animals rounds off a good night out.

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 Heather Cook

I really don't mind being known as the Mad Catwoman, which is just as well! I was Homing Officer for Cats Protection Woking Branch for nearly 30 years and found homes for thousands of waifs and strays, many of which managed to worm their way into my affections and into the pages of my books.

In 2011 I was honoured to be chosen as Cats Protection's Volunteer of the Year.

I wrote a monthly column in Your Cat magazine for 10 years and have previously written 3 cat books. I've always tried to capture the lighter side of life with cats and have never been short of raw material with a house full of Special Needs felines!

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