Troubador Well Worth Waiting For

Released: 28/10/2021

ISBN: 9781800463882

Format: Paperback

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Well Worth Waiting For


Well Worth Waiting For is the sequel to the first compelling memoir written by eighty-six year-old author Frank W Payne. While the first book concentrated on his childhood growing up around the Blitz and his being called for national service to the RAF, we now return to when he has returned from the RAF to 'normal' life.

Cut adrift, looking for work amidst a sea of other men, the reader follows Frank on his career path - and a rollercoaster it was, starting in sales, climbing the ladder only to fall to the bottom rung repeatedly. He finds success with a company that eventually grows to reach a one million plus turnover only to suffer a devastating loss not long after. You can't help but admire his tenacity and work ethic, be inspired and ultimately root for the young Frank as he tackles everything with a sly humour that aids him on his quest for career fulfilment even as it goes awry.

But it's not all doom as young Frank finds love and builds a family, with a wife he's still very much devoted to today. We're treated to glimpses of daily life, leading to Frank's other passion for rescuing dogs - especially Romanian dogs from the streets where they're brutalised on a daily basis. Ultimately he encourages all of us to consider rescuing to help erase the terror of these animals' lives.

Writing with irreverent humour about good, bad and ugly subjects, Well Worth Waiting For concludes the two-part memoirs that revel in a life well lived - with more years of living and loving to come!

This is my first book, its autobiographical and covers my life as being born just prior to the second world war and sending my child hood living in South East London during the Blitz. I left school at 14 and joined the Sunday Pictorial, now called The Sunday Mirror where I stayed until I joined the RAF as a national Service man. The book then covers my education and employment up until I left the Royal Air Force at the age of 20. The book gives an in depth insight into national service before it was abandoned. Part 2 is my life on leaving the Royal Air Force and covers my career until retirement.

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Frank Payne

My name is Frank William Payne, I was born in Blackheath, South East London in April 1934. I remained in London throughout the Blitz and attended Shooters Hill T=Royal Academy School. I left school at 14 years of age and immediately found employment with The Sunday Pictorial, now The Sunday Mirror. My immediate career thoughts were sports journalism, but at age 18 I had to complete national service with the Royal air Force and when leaving the Air Force I could not get a job in any form of journalism, It seems I left it too late. My first job after leaving the RAF was with a company called Creative Journals where I was employed as an advertising space salesman. This became my career, selling advertising space in various publications. At the age of 45 I had a career change and was employed as new business sales director for an advertising company based in Bromley, Kent. Five years later yet another career change. I started my own business as a small rural advertising agency. This I continued until retirement, it was in retirement I wrote my first book, which will be published in March 2021.

Frank Payne
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