Troubador Thou Shalt Never Get Rid of Us

Released: 28/04/2021

ISBN: 9781800462762

Format: Paperback

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Thou Shalt Never Get Rid of Us

25 years Quarrelling with Voices


When the foes are inside you, the only option left is to fight...  

Introducing Thou Shalt Never Get Rid of Us, a story of an uncanny part of Miguel Asecas' life. It is a true story told without makeup. An explosive combination of drugs, stress, and sleep deprivation which led him to an ordeal of twenty-five long years, during which his life elapsed between two very different worlds: the actual world as known by all of us, with a lifestyle not so different than that of many other people. And then there was an inner world full of delusions, paranoia, and auditive hallucinations, in which there are happening situations and appearing characters every time more bizarre. His goal: to not allow “them” to ruin his life. To do that he felt would be enough. 

This story is also that of a process of personal growth and recovery. He quit taking drugs and transitioned from being almost overwhelmed by the voices to coping successfully with them and even taming them to an extent. This is not a guide, nor a manual for others to copy, but is a tale of courage and triumph all the same.

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Miguel Asecas

I was born in 1965 in Madrid, Spain. I am a software developer, fond of maths, science, history, philosophy, and almost every subject that the human mind can devise. Since 1996, I'm a voice-hearer too. Now, I have decided to be also a writer, starting with the story of my personal struggle against the voices.

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