Troubador This Won't Be a Book

Released: 15/07/2020

eISBN: 9781838596644

Format: eBook

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This Won't Be a Book

A 7 Day Challenge Partially Accepted at the Time of COVID-19 London Lockdown


What’s the foundation of every manuscript? Ideas? No. A desk? Yes. Find a desk and the rest will marvellously happen. Follow Matteo’s chase for a writing desk while London has just fallen into its COVID-19 lockdown and hear about lists, numbers, urban walks, awareness, love, music, musicians and drawings. A lot of drawings. 

For those living or having lived in London, many elements of this story will hopefully sound familiar, with the high risk of feeling teleported in anonymous corners of the city.  

For those passionate about illustrations, and about black and white drawings in particular, there are 36 of them pairing the written content and ready to walk the readers through the length of this eBook.

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