Troubador The Third Step of the Stairs

Released: 28/11/2022

ISBN: 9781803135342

Format: Paperback

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The Third Step of the Stairs


The Third Step of the Stairs contains snapshots of my life from birth in 1941 to the point where I lost my husband in 2012. It takes a journey of a dysfunctional family, five girls and one boy and what it was like growing up together and the things we got up to. It covers village life, teenage years to adolescence and boyfriends, my choice of career in nursing, meeting my future husband and courtship, eventually marrying and moving to Leicestershire. The arrival of our children and the trials of repeated ill health in my husband which at times stopped us in our tracks. Life interspersed with him having to have two major heart operations. My nursing continued, essential to find work to help pay the mortgage, I applied to become a District Nurse and was successful, the book covers this wonderful period of my life. Pursuing Hobbies, joining a drama group then moving on to Amateur Operatic societies, the excitement of auditions and the challenges of the production especially costume fitting. Life has been full of ups and downs at times a roller coaster ride, some sad but mostly joyful writing this has been a cathartic exercise. Thank you to my family and friends for the memories which have made this possible

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