Troubador The Madness of Moscow

Released: 28/10/2018

ISBN: 9781789015591

eISBN: 9781789011265

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The Madness of Moscow

One man's journey of life and love in Russia


An exploration of living, and loving, in Russia by an award- winning journalist. Both serious and humorous in its approach to Russian culture and attitudes. With a foreword by Fred Dinenage, author of the best-selling Kray Twins biography ‘Our Story’.

Moscow - the city of mail order Russian Brides, endless winters, and rivers of vodka. Or is it?

Follow one man's extraordinary real-life journey through the harsh and absurd realities of existence as a British expat in a metropolis so alien, it could be on another planet. Award-winning journalist Cary Johnston reveals the no holds barred true story of his life in modern-day Moscow, working for the Kremlin-funded Russia Today TV channel.

He uncovers what the Russians really think of us in the West and explores the humorous and surprising truth about relationships between Western men and Russian women, including his own bitter-sweet search for a Russian Bride.

With the recent international controversy surrounding the poisoning of a former Russian spy and his daughter in the UK city of Salisbury, this is the most timely and revealing account of life in Russia. It reveals what drives the Russians, from the people in the streets of Moscow to the man at the very top, Vladimir Putin.

It is a tale of love won and lost. A tale of fun and frolics. A tale of dangers and horror. So, buckle up and enjoy the Russian ride!

Reviews of 'The Madness of Moscow - One man's journey of life and love in Russia'

'I thoroughly enjoyed this book, it's a revealing insight into life in Russia and a fascinating tale of his experiences'
Fred Dinenage - Official biographer to the best-selling Kray twins book 'Our Story'

'A humorous, dangerous, and heartfelt journey - a truly great read'
Colette Cooney - Lecturer in Broadcast Journalism MA at City University, London

'Great read. A refreshingly thoughtful, often funny and original take on Russian life based on one person's real experiences and not some re-hashed cliches. Very well written and entertaining - Amazon review

I love the cover, it's very attractive. The Madness of Moscow is a cheeky, amusing, and enlightening look at a British journalist's sojourn into living for a while in Moscow. Johnston never reveals any dates for the time period he resided in Russia. He entertains readers with the foibles of Russian life and dating Russian women. The two hilarious, albeit rather gross, stories involve he Russian "plumbers", and the aftermath of the author's hernia surgery. Do not say must to reading this entertaining tale.

by Janilyn Kocher (via NetGalley)

Very interesting account of life and love and many other experiences while travelling and living in Russia.

by A D (via NetGalley)

Amazing book!!!! Thanks netgalley for the advanced copy :-) I could not put this book down from the first page to the last.

by Tara Jill

The author, a 40-something British journalist, takes a job in Moscow with Russia Today TV. That alone sounded interesting, but throw in his interest in the whole "Russian bride" phenomena, and it really appealed to me!

Johnston discovers that life can be strange as a black man in Russia. He finds racism, as well as "a strata of young Russian adult males who were deeply nationalist, bordering on fascist'. He also found growing tensions between the nationalists and young migrant workers from Central Asia and the Caucuses. I found his observation that "in times of economic crisis, it's the migrants who get the blame for everything when things go wrong, especially when it comes to unemployment", to be spot on for those of us in the United States also. (Dare I say that our current president has taken this Russian tactic and applied it to his own political strategy? But, there was no collusion, of course!).

The author writes about how the Russians feel about "the West". He found that Russians are concerned "about saving face. They do not, above anything else, want to appear weak-from an apartment landlord, right up to the President. Weakness is not an option, and haggling is seen as a sign of weakness". He describes talks with Russians about how they felt about Boris Yeltsin, and how, "when he was in charge, there was complete chaos in the streets", "there were gangs, shootings, mafia, and complete lawlessness and fear on the ground". He describes, despite all his faults, "Putin's rise to power brought the one thing which Russians revere above all else-stability". One young lady explains that she craves "all the good things from the West as well, it's just that the spectre of instability haunts the Russian psyche like nothing else".
Part of the book I really enjoyed was reading about the author's experiences with dating in Russia. Some of them were hilarious! I liked his observation that "any preconceived cliches I had garnered over the years about Russian women, were turning out to be basically true - many did seem pretty much hooked on the idea of getting married to Western guys, and real quick. This was strangely disappointing, but the truth is the truth, and there you have it".

The ending of the book explains how the author see the Russians. It's a very thoughtful section, and the author wraps it up very well. I won't give the ending away, but I will say it's worth your time to read it.

I received a copy of this book from NetGalley, in exchange for a fair review. I was really surprised at how much I enjoyed it, and learned a great deal from it. Give it a try!

by Randal White (via NetGalley)

This story takes us into a part that we don't hear much about. A search for a bride and work sends Brit Cary Johnston to Russia. We learn about the feelings of the Russians of the West. Love, loss, humor and life lessons.

by Anne Fay

Cary Johnston

The Madness of Moscow.

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