Troubador The Life and Travels of a 20th Century Engineer

Released: 28/09/2017

ISBN: 9781788033282

Format: Paperback

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The Life and Travels of a 20th Century Engineer


This is the biography of Brian Cameron Gregson, a self-starter who became a sought-after designer and engineer, a man who used his success at work to finance his love of travel, a man who saw many changes in his life, from a childhood in the blitz in London, to an apprenticeship in the railway, followed by National Service, and finally a profession in engineering and design.

In a time when it was easy to obtain gainful employment, Brian moved easily from one workplace to another, gathering experience wherever he went, in demand by such companies as Ford, Dodge Trucks and General Motors in the U.S.

This book with its lively descriptions of life in the stream locomotive repair workshops and anecdotes about National Service, evokes by-gone era, a time before the threat of terrorism, when you could emigrate to Commonwealth countries without even the promise of employment when you arrived, or set off alone in a car and travel the world.

It was an interesting life, one worth recording, and so in his own words, as narrated to his cousin Bethany Askew, Brian passes on his life story to us.

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