Troubador The Homecoming

Released: 28/11/2017

ISBN: 9781788039796

Format: Paperback

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The Homecoming


An intriguing, semi-autobiographical insight into a 1960’s middle class Jewish family.
A story that highlights how events can build up in a child’s mind.
Evocative of the time it is set– values are explored which differ from those of the present day.

The Homecoming follows the life Katy– an only child in a middle class Jewish family. It takes place during just one day in the life of a 16-year-old schoolgirl. After a disastrous day at school, Katy returns home with a letter from the headmaster, saying she has been expelled. Finding no one at home she recollects events that have played a key part in her life, especially the arguments between her parents who live in a permanent state of feud. 

Although she is an only child, her parents are so wrapped up in themselves that they do not have time for her. She is dreading their reaction when they find out that she has been expelled. Katy has a vivid imagination and is always daydreaming. She relives many of the events that have shaped her life so far, and wonders why her parents do not realise how absurd their own behaviour is.

Even Katy herself cannot understand why she is so wayward and extrovert at school, but withdrawn and uncommunicative at home. As the evening progresses, Katy’s anxieties increase until she takes an irrational step, which has potentially devastating consequences for everybody.

The Homecoming is suitable for young adult readers and beyond, and will appeal to fans of Jewish fiction, history and family sagas.

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