Troubador The Golden Money Tree

Released: 28/11/2019

ISBN: 9781838591359

Format: Hardback

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The Golden Money Tree


This is the story of a man born in 1939 with a hole in the heart, never allowed to take part in games at school, suffering from severe dyslexia, was a dunce at school being bottom of the class, brought up by a step-mother having 3 young children of her own. It was said he came as excess baggage to the marriage, living in the poor end of a council estate constantly in contact with the bad boys, Malcolm swam against the tide all his life to better himself, creating his own business and going on to become a wealthy man. 

He created a private management fund to invest for himself, his wife and daughter. He then went on to develop a method of consistently beating the stock markets, looking for annual returns of 15% plus dividends, with no tax to pay, within this book I tell all how it's done, giving the opportunity for all to share in the wealth of this great country of ours. 

In writing this book, Malcolm uncovers through his own personal experience a history of his understanding of his times, from a poor boy's perspective.

An amazing story.....tear jerking..... fascinating..... compelling.

by United one

An amazing read. Truly inspiring.

by S Phillips

Fascinating rags to riches story of a real self made man. He fought against adversity to prove people wrong and above all provide for his family. A story of sadness, pride and love for his family. A great man and businessman. Inspirational.

by Stran

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