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Released: 28/07/2016

eISBN: 9781785896101

Format: eBook

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Telling Tales

The Confessions of a Handy Man


Whenever you hear the phrase ‘what the butler saw’, the image that springs to mind is of a 1900s voyeuristic butler peeping through a keyhole at something he shouldn’t... Now let us fast-forward to present-day living, and instead of it being just the one household that our 21st century butler has control and access to, now let us make it eighty! 

It sounds like there is the potential for an awful lot of keyhole peeping here...In this first edition of Telling Tales: the Confessions of a Handyman, there is a compilation of seven stories that encompass many of the not-so-everyday events that the E. James Chapman has come across as a property manager-cum-butler within the expat community on southern Spain’s Costa del Sol. From a set of new false teeth with a mind of their own, to a quiet community meeting that ends up being livelier than expected, all of the accounts are based on actual characters and events that have taken place during his watch over the past thirty years. 

Telling Tales is a laugh-out-loud collection of short stories that will appeal to fans of Carry On-style comedy. It will also appeal to those with a more romantic side – especially so in the tale featuring a certain Pepe the Plumber!

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