Troubador Tell Me A Story

Released: 28/04/2016

ISBN: 9781784625351

Format: Paperback

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Tell Me A Story

Memories of a Happy Childhood Spent in the Fens


'Growing up in England and living in the small Fenland village of Leverington for eighteen years of my life created for me a myriad of memories – some sad, but most of them very happy.' Born in the Fenland capital and living in a house that her father built just outside the village of Leverington, in Cambridgeshire, Madeleine Pizzuti enjoyed an idyllic childhood within the safe and warm embrace of a loving family, good friends and a large and lovable extended family. 'I can still smell the country air that surrounded us as we sat amongst the gooseberry bushes that day. The aroma of cucumber sandwiches, tea from a flask, bales of prickly straw, mingled with the smell of strawberries ripening in the distance, created for me, a childhood memory that would last forever.' Tell Me a Story... is a selection of stories drawn from her childhood memories – from her grandmother’s infamous jelly cubes to garden forks that go awry. From donkey rides to teenage crushes and a drummer boy that would make you smile. Set between the mid 1950s to 1970s, this memoir would appeal to adults and young adults alike; particularly those familiar with the Fenland district.

Fenland Citizen

Fenland Citizen

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Full Text: A lovely, little book of short stories of growing up in a small English town. They are the childhood memories of the author, and are written like stories one might record or tell their grandchildren. The author writes very well, giving the reader a glimpse of simple life in a time gone by. I thought that the stories would be wonderful if fleshed out into a work of fiction. A very short read that made me smile several times in the reading.

by Karin Robinson

Great story, she writes very well capturing all her precious moments in many fantastic stories that make me smile everytime I read them.

by Sarah Frill

A delightful read to take one's mind off the troubled world of today. So clearly written, painting realistic childhood events using words so well. The author's memories of her happy childhood seem like a grown up version of the fictional books like The Famous Five or such. So very English when being read by an Australian. This book was nostalgic, refreshing, delightful, uncomplicated and sheer joy to read. Another bonus was that the author also did the sketches at the start of each chapter. They too were so English and appropriate. Talent all round.

by Sheila Gibson

3 out of 5 stars

The author is only a few years older than me, so I was interested in how a book on childhood memories would feel to someone in living memory of the same period, rather than the much earlier decades I usually find interesting. The book is a collection of anicdotes, each short and superficial but overall a lighthearted and easy read to pick up and put down.

by Jenny Simon

This book is a collection of short stories that take you on a journey of childhood adventures. You can't help but smile at the nostalgic feelings that flow from the book. The writer uses impeccable figurative language devices that enable us to feel as though we are truly present in the scenes conjured in our minds. A really family friendly book that I will enjoy reading to my children. :)

by Chloe

Tell me a Story is a delightful memoir recalling, in a childlike simplicity, the many childhood memories of the author. The stories flow so simply because of the author’s clear, simple and descriptive use of language. As I read each story, it was like realistically being transported to that idyllic world that the author so generously shares with the reader. The stories tell of many wonderful family and friend experiences that are portrayed warmly and lovingly. A very enjoyable, short read that captures many wonderful, cherished childhood moments.

by Josephine

I'm an East Anglian and I have a deep affection for any memoir set in the region, from Peggy Cole and Ronald Blythe to this new one from Madeleine Pizzuti about growing up under the wide Fenland skies. .If you loved The Darling Buds of May, you will enjoy Tell Me a Story: set between the mid fifties-mid seventies, it evokes a sun-drenched rural England of times gone by. And it is absolutely charming: not 'high lit' but a relatable and well-told story of her childhood. The opening chapter draws you in immediately and triggers your own memories of fruit picking in East Anglian farms, bent-backed over small hummocks of strawberries or sleeves pulled down firmly to protect arms as we delved into gooseberry bushes and picked buckets full of their hairy-skinned green fruits. There's Uncle Bill's tractor and her mum's cucumber sandwiches and the sun is high in the sky *happy sigh*... As Madeleine tells us about her brother Mark's near-miss after he choked on a jelly cube I am reminded of Shirley Hughes's series of wonderful children's stories about her naughty little sister and of Milly Molly Mandy living in her thatched cottage. Although Pizzuti's memoir is aimed at adults, it would also suit older children who like a good country-based memoir.

by Nicola Miller

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