Troubador Surviving Racism in the NHS

Released: 28/05/2021

ISBN: 9781800463059

Format: Paperback

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Surviving Racism in the NHS

My 35 year journey in and around the NHS


Madhun’s thirty five year journey started as a trainee nurse, a qualified nurse, charge nurse, nurse teacher, a health activist and finally at a Health Care Trust.  

His career was significantly impacted by experiencing and witnessing various forms of racism. Direct racism was experienced from hospital staff and patients. 

Institutionalised racism was experienced from various managers. Senior managers and directors obstructed his attempts to gain further education and conduct research. As the Chair of the Health and “Race” group of the now dissolved Community Health Council (CHC), he came head to head with Chief Executives and senior managers of local Hospital Trusts and the Health Authority. As well as telling his story, terms like direct, institutionalised and internalised racism are critically analysed and placed in a much wider socio-historical-political and contemporary context.

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