Troubador Surrogacy

Released: 28/11/2017

ISBN: 9781788035521

eISBN: 9781788030182

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Our Family's Journey


Surrogacy: Our Family’s Journey chronicles the ups and downs of surrogacy as experienced by James Phillip: from making the decision to use a surrogate, each step along the way, presenting both sides of the process and on to the creation of a family and the support needed through the first months after bringing his twin babies home. 

This unique memoir follows James on his incredible, and sometimes exasperating, journey through the ‘hurry up and wait’ path of the surrogacy process overseas in Bangkok, Thailand. He finds himself caught up in long-distance phone calls and messages, trying to make everything perfect for the surrogate’s health and happiness, changing hospitals, having to start all over again in the process due to nonviable eggs and swimming in a sea of red tape. 

Yet, through all the happiness, sadness and stress, he still manages to meet and fall in love with Krzysztof, a wonderful addition to his support system and future family. Feeling even stronger with the continued support of Krzysztof and other friends and family, James must keep in constant touch with everyone involved in the surrogate’s health care and navigate through more obstacles, not only in the legal and diplomatic sectors, but also at the hospital where rules restrict some aspects of participation in the birth process for same-sex parents. Meanwhile, he and Krzysztof are trying to put a home together and ready everything for the new baby when news hits that the couple must double their efforts, as they will be welcoming twins into their home and their lives...

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I enjoyed this memoir of a man who badly wants a child and takes the reader on the journey to fatherhood via surrogacy. The author writes well and I found his journey moving.

by Janice Bell

This is a topic I don't think I ever really think about, and this really made me want to know more. It's such a deep and moving story-- amazing job, writer!

by Nina Hannah

This is one-man a.k.a Phillips memoir of his surrogate journey. A million things could go wrong with such an undertaking. This though is solely Phillips experience. It gives an insight into some of the emotions particularly of surrogate parents. Not much insight though into the emotions of the surrogate. The entire memoir is solely his perspective and experience. True he had concerns for the surrogate's feelings. While there may be numerous reasons why one might choose to use a surrogate nevertheless Phillips journey is unusual as he wanted his child to continue to have contact with his/her surrogate mother. He discusses why and the consequent problems he encountered. Belying its candid and matter of fact style this was a long and arduous journey for Phillips especially as he strangely takes responsibility for the emotions of all parties involved. He chooses to focus on this aspect in his memoir. If one would like more information on the monetary or legal aspect of such an undertaking, one would not find it in this memoir though it does hint at it. Phillips memoir serves as an encouragement to those who may pursue surrogacy.

by Beatrice Viegas

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