Troubador Seventy Thousand Camels

Released: 28/11/2019

ISBN: 9781838591458

eISBN: 9781838597139

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Seventy Thousand Camels

A Motivational Survivor's Memoir


Born in Rome in 1965, Angelica A. Brewer faced a tough childhood. Lonely and abused by her mother and family friends, her school life brought her some relief as refuge from the ravages of home.

At the age of 16, Angelica ran away from her new home in Australia and lived for a while in a youth refuge. Enrolling as a TAFE student, Angelica met Rhys and the two embarked on a relationship and eventually married. Over eight years they had three children, but their relationship deteriorated as Rhys became abusive. After 15 years of marriage, Angelica and Rhys separated. The following years saw Angelica embarking on a variety of careers and re-entering the dating scene, only to be disappointed.

Finally, Angelica met Adam Brewer (‘Brew’), a fellow correctional officer, but despite his unfailing love and support, she entered a downward spiral of depression and anxiety, ending in attempted suicide. Now recovered, she takes stock of her life and all she has learned from her journey so far.

Barossa Herald

The Bunyip

Female First

What a compelling read! This book draws you in with the relatability of the everyday happenings. The style of writing is conducive to keeping you entertained long after everyone else has gone to bed.
What a fabulous insight into so many different facets of a single life lived. Do yourself a favour and have a read.

by Jac F

I just finished your book and WOW, words just escape me....
I couldn’t put it down.
This book is powerful, inspiring and a testament to an incredibly beautiful soul.
You are so brave to have so honestly bared your life, faults and all. This is a real life portrayed not downplaying the mistakes we all make but often pretend didn’t happen.
I hope you continue to keep only the positive people around you and can let go of all the negative influences from the past.
Congratulations on a fabulously gripping, eloquent and well written book
You should be really proud!

by Colleen Macks

WOW what a fabulous book I could not put it down, such a sad journey, you are an inspiration for a lot of woman out there.I highly recommend people to buy this book you will not be disappointed, Angelica I wish you all the best for the future. Thankyou for sharing your journey with me. x

by Jan Parente

I came across the author and this book by coincidence. At the age of 47, two weeks ago and after 40 years of varied traumas minor and major and despite many mental health practitioners and medication , one psychiatrist put names to my behaviours and off I went. As I journeyed through this book , I continually knew the feelings and indeed situations ( wedding day etc) and I cannot describe how I just released so much confusion and feelings of being weird. I also met a wonderful man ten years ago and I just self sabotaged it, and the last three years i have been chronically depressed, anxious and agoraphobic. He is still by my side. I have read a few self help books recently but your story and journey has been so beneficial to me. Please know your story has helped this one person's journey.

by Kylie H

Angelina's book is a heart wrenching raw true story of her traumas in her life from her childhood onto her adult years. She speaks of her highs and lows through her life , her children, her marriages and finally finding true love and happiness with her handsome caring loving husband Adam. A story which is hard to discuss to the whole world. Well done Angelina.
Thank you for being my friend

by Diana Roberts

Angelica A. Brewer

I was born in Rome but never truly felt Roman until much later on in life when I finally finished writing my autobiography and was able to let go of past transgressions against my soul. My narcissist mother forced me to emigrate from Italy to Australia aged ten and I quickly became an Australian. Life was not going to become any easier though alas but I'm still here, still strong, cynical but overall still a positive personality. I have three children, including a son living with Aspergers. I am remarried to a wonderful man I dedicated my book too. I am a spiritualist self taught scholat of metaphysics. I also enjoy drawing and historical/biographical films and books. I am a Taurean with a Scorpio moon and currently work in the disabilities field.

Book launch 12/12/19

So proud of my achievement!
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