Troubador Sandra and the Flying Elephants of Belfast

Released: 28/02/2016

ISBN: 9781785890550

Format: Paperback

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Sandra and the Flying Elephants of Belfast


Before William James Hanna goes off to fight in the Second World War, he tells his daughter Sandra to look after her younger brother Billy. Sandra takes this commission on, but in doing so, has to survive the bombing of Belfast by the Nazis, being shot at, burnt, drowned, and on top of all that, even has to deal with her hair turning green! Many years later, in New Zealand, her youngest son puts pen to paper and starts to write his Mother’s story of her childhood in Northern Ireland during the Second World War. Sadly, during the writing of her memoir, Sandra passed away. Months later after her passing, her son finishes writing her story as promised, but also makes a trip of discovery to Ireland to see first-hand, the places in which her stories were formed. He walks down Louden Street where, during the Blitz on Belfast, Sandra, her brother Billy, and her Mother had been strafed by the Luftwaffe as they ran to their grandmothers house for safety. He stands on Primacy road in Bangor where Sandra brought a troop of American soldiers home to her mother’s door for coffee. ‘Sandra and the Flying Elephants of Belfast’ is filled with both very funny happenings, tender heart-warming moments and ultimately, is a true story about family, caring, and loyalty. Through it, Belfast now has another voice that bears testimony of what happened there so long ago. But most of all, it is the legacy of a beautiful person who made a difference in her world.

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Darrin Wedlock

Darrin Wedlock currently resides in Dunedin, New Zealand. Like his Mother Sandra, Darrin is a painter and enjoys a good laugh. Having just visited Northern Ireland to see extended family earlier in the year, and to see where his Mother grew up, he now proudly considers Ireland his second home. He is currently writing a follow up book to 'Sandra and the Flying Elephants of Belfast' and also plans to finish his Theology degree.

Darrin Wedlock

Darrin in Belfast
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