Troubador Putting Tiny Patients First

Released: 28/08/2018

eISBN: 9781789011609

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Putting Tiny Patients First

A life in paediatrics


Dr Herbert Barrie was a leading figure in paediatrics and a pioneer in neonatology. He passed away in 2017 yet his story lives on in his own words. Now published by his son, Putting Tiny Patients First is a collection of tributes, articles, editorials and anecdotes penned by this astonishing man and those that knew him best, spanning a staggering career that hugely advanced paediatrics and neonatology. As a paediatrician he was much sought after, looking after the children of actors, politicians and the aristocracy - but he was best known for his ground-breaking work in the care of the preterm infant. In his early days, Herbert would reward his medical team with champagne whenever they had a survivor of a difficult neonatal ordeal. This was a time when very few babies born before 32 weeks survived, and those who did often suffered brain damage.


Dr Herbert Barrie pioneered advances in resuscitation of the newborn; he published his findings and a film showing the practicalities of resuscitating a preterm infant was shown around the country. But his work went further: Herbert penned hundreds of articles and stories in a wide assortment of journals, periodicals and magazines. Highbrow articles detailing his research, amusing anecdotes, commentaries that were necessarily controversial. Many are included in this elegant book. Putting Tiny Patients First, compiled and edited by his son, tells the inspiring story of Herbert Barrie’s life as a paediatrician.

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