Troubador Police, Crime & 999

Released: 01/08/2011

ISBN: 9781848766853

eISBN: 9781848768840

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Police, Crime & 999

The True Story of a Front Line Officer


Ever wondered what really happens behind the scenes in the police?

What bizarre 999 calls are made to the emergency services? Why can wearing two pairs of socks make you a suspect? What is the link between police and vampires? Which Royal arrest never made news headlines? What covert sign do officers make when they no longer wish to talk to you?

After successful careers in both the military and business, John Donoghue realised that the higher you get in any organisation, the less fun you have. So, after handing back his expense account and company car, he joined the police in search of excitement and thrills... and discovered some surprising answers to these puzzling questions.

PC John Donoghue reveals all in his fascinating and hilarious true account of a year in the life of a front line response officer. Names and places have been changed to protect the guilty... but if you call the police, maybe, just maybe, it could be Police Constable John Donoghue turning up at your door. This book will appeal to anyone interested in crime and police, as well as fans of autobiographies and humour.

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We have been hearing and reading many interesting and exciting stories of serving police men. Many people assume that Policeman’s life is not peaceful, not comfortable etc but the writer of “Police, Crime & 999” is stating that those policemen who are involved in catching criminals, drunkards etc are really living an enjoyable life.

The Writer himself has enjoyed “Policeman’s Life” after serving military services.

In this book he has revealed 999 real call stories of comic situations and experiences. He has described the real facts behind the response room of “Call 999”. Readers will really enjoy reading what happens when police considers someone as “suspect” who wears two pairs of socks. After reading this story, you will ask a question ” what is the difference in a Police man and a Vampire?”. Do you know that a Snowman has been charged with allegations of “Nasty behavior in public”? When police raid on Bars, ladies start pulling down their knickers. What do you understand from this?

You will be pleased with this “Real Story” with lot of such interesting and enjoyable incidences.

I think it's quite funny ... especially when it says 'ladies start pulling down their knickers' because whilst there is one tale of that in the book, it makes it sound that women start 'pulling their knickers down' whenever police enter a bar. Alas, this does not happen.

by Translation of Review from Gujarati News Paper

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