Troubador Outside Looking In

Released: 01/10/2013

ISBN: 9781783061105

Format: Paperback

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Outside Looking In


Have you ever bared your soul? Have you ever tried to be so honest it hurts? Then Outside Looking In will strike a chord. As the reader on the outside, looking in, you are taken on a very personal and painful journey through the eyes of the author; Aud Clark, as a seven-year-old child helpless at the hands of a tyrannical father, is systematically abused. “They say when you experience a traumatic experience your mind blocks it out for your protection and to a degree that’s true, but it didn’t quite block it out enough for me when one afternoon aged just seven that protection theory was put to the test.” Forced to keep it a secret, she learns to suppress her emotions until they spill over into her day-to-day life, resulting in anger and outbursts against those she loves most. She loses her daughter and the man that she loved. “At that point in my life I believed I was nothing more than a liability to those I loved. I had got used to bottling everything up. It was easier than alarming people.” She pushes away anyone who tries to get close. Her whirligig of emotions results in many a love lost. Despite the trauma, a career in entertainment and a difficult friendship with a celebrity follows. That friendship takes many twists and turns, but none more so than when she discovers he is dying, which takes her so very close to the edge of death. Outside Looking?In is a true and harrowing autobiography that will resonate predominantly with women who have suffered personal traumas in their life or those who have loved and lost. “I constantly try to forget my past. I don’t want to be a victim. I am a survivor like many, many others.”

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Just finished reading your book, couldn't put it down!

What a compelling and emotional read, it must have taken a huge amount of courage, energy and time! I hope it is well received, I for one will be recommending it to family and friends

by Mandy Rose

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