Troubador One More Mountain

Released: 28/06/2020

ISBN: 9781838592516

eISBN: 9781838597672

Format: Paperback/eBook

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One More Mountain


One More Mountain is the story of the life changing decision made by Caroline and her husband Allister to put everything they owned into storage, buy some rucksacks, and take a trip around the world for a year. This is their life story; what happened that inspired them to travel, how they prepared for such a big change in their life, and ultimately what they gained from this wonderful experience. 

Moving back and forth across their life together, this book explores the emotions of facing a future without being able to have children, the impact of cancer on their lives, how they planned for their life changing adventure, and how they spent an incredible year away from everything they knew. 

Caroline and Allister, a couple whose life was turned upside down - twice, overcame their own challenges to enjoy and value every minute of every day. This is an insight into the joy of them embarking on their life together, how it became overshadowed by sad and difficult events, and how moving past these events led to them discovering the excitement of travelling. Whatever mountains stood in their way, happiness could still be found.

Do not rush past this book. It is a 'must' read. A page-turner that will bring tears to your eyes and at same time will brighten your day and reaffirm that life's obstacles can be overcome.

by Chris Bell

A wonderfully written book exploring the authors feelings when her life is hit by unexpected curveballs.
The book also covers her adventures travelling around Australasia & is full of tips on how to plan and explore.
A very enjoyable read.

by Julie Davis

One More Mountain is a great inspirational read! It will make you think that you can accomplish anything!

by NetGalley review

This book is a love letter from a wife to her husband, reminiscing the entire history and course of their relationship and severe health challenges that struck them without damaging their spirit, love of adventure and optimism. It's fine if you read it as a biography of an ordinary couple to kill time.

It fails as a travel guide, with no details on how to plan your 'gap year' as a thirty/forty-plus middle-income couple leaving jobs and dumping everything to go backpacking and camping around the world for a year, it gives no details on their financials, the actual cost of travel, lodgings/ hotels, the fancy rentals cars,/ vans, places, fees, security, insurance, medications and health risks they must have factored in while making plans or any credit card debt they may have incurred, or anything else (like encountering any issues with renters they left the place to, e.g. leaky faucets and bills!). It's on to France, then Australia, then NewZealand and I am forgetting 2 other places and they are back home by 2013 and that's that.

So if you want to know what to do if you are planning to go see the world while your parents and friends wait for you back home, this book is not for you.

For anyone surviving a major illness and their spouse, it is life-affirming and highly recommended.

Has good and lots of pictures of the couple taken during their one-year travel.

by NetGalley review

Caroline Frost

Caroline Frost grew up in Staffordshire. She moved to Plymouth in 1986 to study for a degree in Biology and in 1989 she embarked on a management career. She married Allister in 1991 and they moved to Hampshire in 1997. Caroline subsequently worked as an IT Training Consultant for eleven years.

In 2010 she left work behind to fulfil her dream to travel the world with Allister. Caroline always had a passion for writing but it's travelling that inspired her to write her first book. Caroline currently divides her time between working as a Medical Secretary, writing and of course travelling!

Isle of Skye. Special place......

Love a mountain!
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