Troubador One Love Two Colours

Released: 03/12/2007

ISBN: 9781906221393

Format: Paperback

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One Love Two Colours

The Unlikely Marriage of a Punk Rocker and His African Queen


"One Love Two Colours" is a book to make you laugh, cry and despair as it shows the reality of inter-racial love. Through the eyes of Bobby and Margaret we see how two people can conquer prejudice, intolerance and hate. A hate that comes from both sides. Written from their dual perspective, they honestly debate the issues that affect those who marry out of their culture. The result is a book that challenges previously held views on multiculturalism. Taking their relationship as a starting point, the authors also explore wider issues such as: segregation, self-hate, sex and identity.Crucially, the book also addresses the unique problems experienced by black women/white men partnerships. What makes the book original is that Margaret herself used to be a black racist - a woman who used to despise white 'devils'. How she came to change her opinion is a central part of the story. Blending social comment and personal experience, this book lays bare the myth that England as a nation values and appreciates 'diversity'. Through the Smith's marriage we go beyond the slogans to see that black and white racism is alive and kicking. It is an accurate barometer of our racially sensitive times. It is also the most honest book about race, relationships and identity you will ever read.
(January 2010)

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Bobby Smith and Margaret Oshindele-Smith

Punk rocker Bobby Smith is a veteran of the punk and football fanzine scenes – being a mainstay of the Wolves FC magazine A Load of Bull.

Co-author Margaret Smith is not a punk rocker but shares her husband’s opinionated style of writing. No spin, no political propaganda, just the truth.

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