Troubador On Looking Back

Released: 28/03/2014

ISBN: 9781783062607

Format: Paperback

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On Looking Back


“By the law of averages, I should not be around for the writing of this book, nor the subsequent ones, but it has to be said that in this life, against all the odds, there are the survivors, which is obviously the category into which I fall.” On Looking Back is the first in a series of books that reveal the compelling life story of Elizabeth Dumpleton. Each chapter takes the reader on a journey, beginning with Elizabeth’s younger years, where she fondly recounts her friendships and adventures, living with her five older brothers and their single mother in the East-End. She then experiences the early death of her mother and is forced to endure a life fraught with unhappiness and danger, as she is ripped from her brothers with a sudden evacuation to the country during the war. Elizabeth lays bare her emotions, recalling each memory honestly and unashamedly. One moment the reader could be chuckling along with an amusing anecdote, before sinking into sadness as she battles the twists and turns of a war-torn life. Full of compassion, On Looking Back is an emotional read from start to finish. Fans of biographies and memoirs will find this book difficult to put down once they pick it up.

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