Troubador Never Allow a Few Facts to Get in the Way of a Good Story

Released: 28/07/2016

ISBN: 9781785892615

Format: Paperback

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Never Allow a Few Facts to Get in the Way of a Good Story

An Autobiography by Martyn Cordingley


This autobiography is hugely enjoyable and humorous account of the authors’ life. Told through numerous amusing stories it covers both, his somewhat privileged childhood, and then his 43 year career in selling. A career that starts with “knocking on doors” in the North East of England and finishes with working across Europe selling some of the largest contracts in the IT industry. He recounts his meetings with senior Politian’s, captains of industry such as Bill Gates and the odd minor Royal. In-between each chapter of his life he has set a competition for the young at heart, describing how he lost his fingers on his left hand, the reader has to decide which account is true. Once they decide they are sent clues as to which story is true, and how to claim their prize.For anyone connected with the Cordingley or Burton family it covers the previous 200 years of Martyn’s fore fathers. Giving fascinating insight into the First World War of his grandparents and going back as far as Martyn’s name sake, Richard Cordingley a Baptist Minister whom travelled the West Midland Baptist circuit with his wife giving birth 11 times in 11 different towns in the 19th century. Peppered with Photos of his life the book is an enjoyable look at an ordinary person’s life, but told in a far from ordinary way.

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